30 Day Make Money Online Challenge: Choose Your Challenge

Hi there, I’m Zion. Welcome to the 30 day challenge. This is mainly created for me to challenge myself, to create a fun approach in tackling my work. But most importantly, to challenge myself to complete the projects or business that i have always wanted to do, but procrastinated.

What 30 Day Challenge is this?

I mainly created this challenge for my online marketing venture. I have many ideas in my head, on how to monetize or capitalize on. But i always got myself tied up with my tight schedule and main core online business. I didn’t have time to materialize some of the ideas that i wanted to, which i believe, will work.

You could either follow what i do, or you can take this challenge to complete any work or any goal that you have in mind, or been procrastinating in.

I will be working on 1 existing project, as well as one new youtube channel. This Youtube channel will be created in an existing niche that i’m, but it will be a whole new content level as well as approach. I wanted to start a new niche and challenge myself to create a free video training course. This will be approached as a challenge but training lessons for people who are interested in the niche. But decided to clear up some of my existing business first, HA!.

I may work on the free course on my second 30 day challenge. I don’t know. But for now, clear up my existing project first!

What Kind of Expectation For This Challenge?

None. I don’t know if i will even complete this. But hey, this is why this is a challenge right.

As for content quality, it may be a three hundred words article. I will just document down the stuff that i have done.


Give Yourself a Chance to Succeed

One of the thought that i have to drive me to work towards my goal is, telling myself that i am deserving of a chance to be successful and i should receive a chance to work towards my goal.

Everyone will be tired and lazy. But you need to convince yourself why your goal is important to you.

For me, I usually will tell myself that this is the only way out to the life that i always wanted, and that i should give myself this chance to be successful. Others may not believe in you, they may think you are dreaming, but we have to trust and give ourselves the chance, because, who else but only you, that will believe in you? You have to believe in yourself. No one else will give you the necessary belief other than yourself.

All the best. This might be the longest article compared to others. 🙂

You can do it.

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30 Day Make Money Online Challenge: Choose Your Challenge
30 Day Make Money Online Challenge is a challenge for anyone who wants to create a presence in the online business within 30 days. It can also be used by anyone who just need some inspiration for their own work.
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