30 Day Make Money Online Challenge: Day 2 & 3

Well, apparently i totally forgot about the 30 days challenge…

But i did think through the work that i’m supposed to do.

I have made a u-turn in my approach. Fundamentally i will still be adding more contents to my existing business (a website), i have completely changed the keywords list.



  • Hook up with a new writer that is decent, and reasonably priced. Sadly this are partly the reason why i would want to complete the project. The business itself is making money. But i’m just lazy or not feeling the inspiration to continue with it…
  • Hook up with my own copy-writing author to write for me a script. This will be used for my animation video. Pretty exciting how it will turn out.
  • Found an animation creator to do video for my project. This will be used with my script.
  • Brainstormed out a new way to double or triple my sales for my existing business B.

Pretty exciting. I think this may exponentially triple my current sales.

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