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Amazing Selling Machine 12 Review 2021: Read My Honest ASM 12 Review

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ASM 12 is here! Proven track records. (Save $ now by enrolling into ASM 12)

(Latest overwhelming testimonials from ASMXII, the best Amazon FBA course till-date) – Zion

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The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) was the best investment I ever made, and it was also one of the scariest investments I’ve made.

One side of it is literally a step-by-step blueprint to scale your Amazon FBA business to seven-figures, including coaching calls and the best FBA community. My Amazon FBA business is doing well and I attribute most of that to Amazing Selling Machine.

E-commerce has emerged as a vast industry full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. There are multiple opportunities with flexible schedules that allow people to pursue their different dreams and achieve financial independence.

The challenge has always been figuring out how to turn a dream into a profitable venture that you can focus on full time..

Not everyone is able to rely on blogging and many people prefer online platforms to reach consumers and grow their brands.

If you already have an existing business in place, then the online step is a more straightforward journey largely dependent on marketing.

So what happens when you are looking to start a new business or even like in my case if you have no idea of the product you want to sell?

This was exactly my situation for about two years when I really felt there was a huge opportunity for me online and truly believed that I could make a career with a business on it. Partly, my desire was fueled by the success I saw of small suppliers and store businesses I saw making huge strides online. To a large extent though, I have always had an entrepreneurial bug and I was not finding a lot of satisfaction from my job as an insurance agent.

My Personal Story Building a Successful Amazon Business

My story probably mirrors yours in several ways until I enrolled myself with Amazing Selling Machine. It was largely one of false starts and frustrations. Since as I have mentioned I did not have anything defined in mind on what I wanted to do aside from just selling something, I tried a couple. I did some multi-level marketing and I actually did some of those spammy posts you see on social media and in comment posts of news sections. Of course, as you have guessed it was quite a waste of time.


Surveys were a bit more serious only that the pay was not enough to even be worth considering it as a side income-generating activity. So I started doing a lot of research on doing online businesses and landed at affiliate marketing.


It was a more organized kind of business but with the time it demanded, I felt that the returns were not commensurate. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it introduced me to the possibilities of online retailing and specifically the potential of Amazon.


I started searching for ways on how to sell and make money on Amazon using Fulfilment FBA. Now I knew the nature of the business I wanted to get into. I already had a background in selling and I was sure if I just got the right business I would sure get customers. The problem was identifying the right product, setting up the structures of the business, and then simply starting out. If you have never been at a decision making position in an organization overseeing several factors of operation or production, starting out on your own is a huge challenge.


By now, I could not risk any more guesswork, my savings were running low thanks to my previous ventures and I had also welcomed a new baby born. I needed something legitimate and rewarding. Just like you, I was not looking for a get rich quick scheme.


All I needed was something that works and more specifically help to get me started with my online business.

That’s when I found the Amazing Selling Machine. In a random search for business ideas using Amazon, I found a guide, resources, and an amazing community. This was the kind of help and direction I had been looking for. All I wanted was a credible guide to take me through the steps of having an online-based retail business. I got even more than I had hoped.


I was able to finally discover the best products to deal with and set up my business systems within three months of discovering the Amazing Selling Machine by Matthew Clark. A lot of hard work followed and within three weeks I had my first order and each successive day brought more progress. In four months’ time, I made my first 50k and in the next two months, I almost doubled the income from the business. Basically, my side hustle had overtaken my main job in terms of monthly salary in just four months.

Picture of ASM 12 Sales

(My Periodic 2017 Sales Growth – Apology for not showing the latest for privacy reasons!)


It was exciting and something I enjoyed doing so I was able to easily quit my job. It has been 10 months since I started a new business and I have already earned my 200k badge.


Business is growing and I am getting more stable averages monthly. My wife now plans to join me once she is done with the year left on her contract. Besides financial freedom and doing something I enjoy and find rewarding, I am able to spend more time with my family and greatly helped with our last born.


I got bonus points as a loving husband and soon I will make the father of the year. It is such a huge relief when the effort you have put in your work is reflected in your earnings and you still have time to be with your loved ones. It is basically being in a race where you are in control of the pace and direction.


What is the Amazing Selling Machine 12? (New Bonuses Explained)

For someone who has tried a lot of ventures trying to make money doing business online, I understand your apprehension towards anything lauded as a potential life changer. So I will let the product speak for itself.


In a nutshell, the Amazing Selling Machine is a program designed to take you through the process of starting, running, and growing a business using the opportunities provided by Amazon. It takes you through every step you need to form and scale your business into a successful venture. It allows you to form your business by leveraging the resources and $170 annual revenue Amazon generates.


You are basically empowered by the program to run your own business from scratch but using an existing model and framework. While everyone can get on Amazon and start doing business, you have a guide on every aspect of the business which allows you to get ahead of the queue and top rankings, automate your business, create a strong brand, and more importantly, identify the right niche and products to sell.

Amazing Selling Machine XII comes with 40% brand new updates of ASM and paid tools for free. Bonuses include Expert Listing Evaluation for ASM experts to evaluate your listing products, ensuring it is optimized for sales!

Business Builder Challenge allows you to get your course for FREE! All you need to qualify is to complete their required milestones of 6 month period and they will refund you 100% of your school fees! (I didn’t receive such great help when I first started with ASM… it’s a steal)

Features of the Amazing Selling Machine Program


Picture of ASM 12 member area.png

In reality, the Amazing Selling Machine is more than just a how-to guide. It is more than just a testimonial, what I have received is this valuable, consistent, and rewarding relationship I am having right now. It has become a family and a regular resource because the learning curve never ends in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Beyond the material, I have come to cherish interactions both from my mentor and the experiences similar people have to me and the energy and ideas exchanged just fuel your growth for better.


To fully understand the program, you need to be aware of its core components. ASM is made up of four parts which are:

  1. An 8-week online class
  2. The Mentor Program
  3. The Private and Exclusive Community
  4. The Private Resource Vault


1. The 8-week Online Web Class

This is a wholly online-based training that you can access anytime anywhere at your own convenience and pace. It is structured in 8 modules with each lesson hyper-focused to helping you progress in building your business. At the end of each lesson, you can easily take the next step of growing your business following the instructions. Once that is dome you love back to learning about the next step.

The attractive part of the lessons is their practicality and how you can easily apply them. You do not need prior business experience or training and the lessons soon allow you to be adept at selling and marketing on digital platforms.

To ensure you get the most from them the 8 modules build upon the preceding one growing your skills and understanding. They also take you through the natural cycle and processes of a business’s growth.


The first of the 8 modules is the welcoming module which prepares you for the tasks ahead. It gives you an overview of the ASM business process and mindset. It lets you know what foundations you have to lay to become an Amazon seller and introduces you to the branding and product structuring process.
The second module is all about identifying the right product and marketplace. You learn how to identify and evaluate different products while at the same time knowing which products to avoid. This will ensure you know what to sell on Amazon. The next module largely covers the Amazon system, product sourcing, and pricing, calculating potential profit and finally having your busiest leave the digital world.


Module 4 is all about building the assets of your brand. It covers the launch process and online platforms. This involves creating your Facebook brand page, your website, YouTube channel, professional Email Account complete with an autoresponder, and creating a leads list.


Click here to check if Enrolment into The Free Trainings is Still Available


Module five expands on the lessons learned in module four but with a large focus on Amazon. It teaches you all you need to know about creating the perfect product page on Amazon from the images to the use of keywords and image description among other things.

Module six is where you get closer to realizing your dream of owning an online business. You are now heading to your product launch and you need are taken through the process of your first shipment, handling first reviews, what you need to do in the pre-launch, the launch and posts launch.

Module 7 is about marketing and getting traffic to your site and page. You learn about content marketing strategy, use of ads and coupons, creating and using a performance checklist, and brand registry. For the new entrant to digital marketing, this is where you understand all about traffic and conversions.

Module 8 is about business scaling. It deals with how you can take your business to the next level. It deals with reordering your inventory, knowing when to launch your next product and getting in new markets. You also learn how to build a team for running your business as it grows beyond the capacity of an individual.

The lessons leave you with comprehensive knowledge of the market and you start at a point far much ahead compared to other people on Amazon. Every single minute I spent learning was worthwhile and it was directly applied to growing my business. Even after the learning, I spent a considerable part of my earlier practice referring to them as I tweaked and streamlined my systems for increased productivity.


2.The Mentor Program


This is the second component of the Amazing Selling Machine. It is another learning experience and even more practical. The mentor program is formed by the ASM course and consists largely of previous ASM members who have been very successful using the program. Your average mentor is someone who has sold on average over $ 1 million on Amazon on his or her own businesses.

What you are getting is years of experience and results in similar ventures as yours.

My mentors have helped especially where I got stuck or was looking for innovative ways to build up my profits. Instead of relying on just trial and error or just the lessons alone, you have an extensive resource of readily available coaches who have their own success as proof of knowing what to do. I found the lessons and mentors to be effective and it spared me many of the frustrations in my other online ventures.

The mentors are ready and always active and the ones I have interacted with are some of the best individuals and teachers you can look up to. Their success is inspiring instead of intimidating and I guess having gone through similar steps they are inclined to be more patient and eager to see other people succeed.

Even after I launched successfully my products and began recording significant profits, it has been a pleasure to always know there is someone I can reach for quick suggestions or even brainstorm with them over my plans or projects. Long after you have mastered the lessons on launching a business it is the mentors who you remain with when you have new challenges especially in scaling up the business or when you venture into new markets. It goes without saying I look forward to accumulating my badges and soon join this respected rank. It is the only way I could give back the much I have learned and received from this community.


3. The Private and Exclusive Community

Getting into the Amazing Selling Machine program is getting into an exclusive and exciting community. This community is only available to members of the ASM. More importantly, you get lifetime access to this community.


There are several advantages to this exclusive club. It is made of people who are highly successful and have made millions in sales. It is also filled with individuals starting out and those further along in the journey to becoming successful owners of businesses on Amazon.


This means you have a great company and people to share their experiences and tips as well as respond to questions which makes it a huge resource center. All the latest information new strategies are shared and members pool on their ideas ensuring you are never stuck in a single situation.

The group is active for twenty-four hours a day each day and it can be easily accessed using any device and browser meaning you are always connected to it. Any new opportunities arising are shared immediately by members which always sets you ahead from other traders on Amazon who are not within the ASM community.


Besides the sharing of ideas, inspiration and tips, being a member of the exclusive ASM community also offer another exclusive advantage, live group coaching calls. These are held twice every month you give ample access to your trainers and mentors.

Through the live coaching calls you get extra support, you gain accountability and learn new strategies o boost your businesses. You can also ask questions on issues you may have faced in between the sessions and you are yet to solve them using the other available means.


Better still, should you be in a situation that prevents you from catching up on the live group calls, you can still get your questions answered. This is because questions are sent ahead of the time scheduled for the live coaching and you get to view a full recording including the Q&A from the members’ area at your convenient time.


4. The Private Resource Vault

This is the final component of the Amazing Selling Machine program and it is as integral to how the whole program works as the other three. Whereas the other three give you the knowledge and help you develop skills for your business’ success, this fourth part gives you the tools you need to succeed in the business.


It is especially useful for those who have little business experience as it makes applying the lessons learned much easier. The resources also help you make the transition from an idea to a working business faster and even if you had prior business skills you still benefit by using tested and proven professional tools. They are tools founders of the ASM and other members have used and built successful businesses with millions in sales and profit.


Some of the resources you get include multiple supplier contract templates, product evaluation template among others. These are varied to allow for easy customization to your business and all you have to do is copy and paste and you are set to go.


Besides saving you the time for preparing the documents, you are saved the expenses you would have incurred by getting the documents done by a professional.


Personally, I would have been stuck or worked with the wrong thing because even while taking the lessons I had no idea how I would create so many vital documents. I also acknowledge that there was one or two I had no idea I would require.


Other resources you get from the private resource vault include vital contact information for providers of professional services you would need in your business. Such services include freight forwarders and photographers among others. While you are always free to work with those you may already know, in case you do not have one, you are spared the lengthy searching and vetting process by using the services recommended.


Another benefit you get from the private resource vault is access to amazing discounts of numerous and vital software tools used on Amazon which are generally not available to the public. Whichever place you look at in the program you are guaranteed to find something extra and valuable in the long-term. In fact, the resources available in the private resource vault easily add up to $10,000 or more. This means you are starting out at a credible advantage compared to anyone outside the program. All you need to start off is just your inventory which $1000 can help you start.


How ASM 12 program works and Who can use it


The way this works is pretty straightforward. You sign up for the program by providing your details and contact information on the sign-up form you will be directed to. You also pay for the product for just $3,997 which you can pay in a lump sum or you pay five installments of $997.

Once you are inside, just by following the course where you can access the resources and start with the class at your own pace and use the step by step directions to build your own business, your growth will almost be promised if you stick to the end of the training. This program is ideal for literally anyone who seeks to start a business online for passion or financial freedom and wants to leverage the endless opportunities on Amazon.


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Advantages of the Amazing Selling Machine 12


I have appreciated the wholesome nature of the product and how it has thought out the whole process of selling a physical product online. In case you are yet to grasp the whole significance of the program, let me walk you through some of the advantages I have had in my personal experience.


Extensive support

One thing that is clear from the moment you start on the program is the wide support you get. From the first moment I made inquiries and asked about benefits, the response has been first and comprehensive. When I got into the program the teachers and mentors have been available to me at every turn. The kind of support you get also mirrors your growth. As you get used and make advances in your business, your needs change and the program has catered for such through the mentorship and community structures.

At no single moment are you alone instead you feel a new sense of belonging to a community of achievers willing to pass on secrets and tips that allow you to be successful too. The support offered is not only consistent but it is offered for a lifetime as long as you have taken the program.

It allows you to start your business at a low cost.

The issue of costs both startup capital and cash flow when running the business held me back many times when thinking of venturing out on my businesses.

However, this program allows you to start cheap. I have already highlighted above an example of how cost-saving ASM is.

More than that through the practical classes, you get to visualize and plan ahead for any cost you may incur. This allowed you to budget beforehand and avoid instances of lacking cash flow at important stages of your business. Another way this program helps with the cost is its tailoring to help people start businesses even with $500 as capital.

You can start and grow your business faster

The step by step class allows you to start your business as you learn and by the end of the class, you can launch your product in just eight weeks or less. What surprised me and also pleased me. Most are just how fast I was able to grow my business and the income with each month building on the gains made by the one before. It is truly possible to make $100k a month in just a few months.

This means you can truly achieve your financial freedom and quit your job to focus on your business. The fast growth not only allows you to cater to your family need but you can now afford to take the dream trips and pursue other hobbies while still spending time with your family. You get all this while doing something you love and can see your effort is matched by the returns from your business.

You get educated and informed about your business

Besides the offered support, one thing I have really enjoyed about this program is the amount of information I have got and the things I have learned especially on digital marketing and running a business. It is like having a comprehensive crash course but still delivered at your own pace.

This is information that helps you in your other spheres of life you understand the slave’s process and how the whole basis of e-commerce. It has enabled me to become a consultant especially to friends whose businesses are not Amazon based but they are trying to get traffic and boost conversions.

I am now better placed to weigh and decide on online business opportunities and I understand what goes on in determining the price of a product. The information provided ensures you do not have to resort to guesswork and all your information is set at one central placemaking learning and reference much easier. The wholesome nature of the information given which we have already seen also makes this program the only guide and resource you will need to become successful with your business on Amazon.

Anyone can use the program and achieve success

There is no qualification or a certain category of people who can only use the product. You do not need to have huge sums of capital or extensive following on social media or even prior business experience.
The program is designed to help anyone looking to pursue their dream of owning a business and anyone looking for financial freedom. This makes it readily available and worth checking out since every aspect of the program is designed to reflect the above factor and cater to anyone’s needs.

It is credible and it works

This is the main advantage. Most of us can simply bear with anything as long as it works in the end. With the Amazing Selling Machine program, the means matter just as much as the end. This is why I started with the other advantages and left this one for the last.

My experience has proven that this program works. The way it is structured and designed shows you all things have been considered and all you need is to follow in a step by step and put in the work and you will achieve better success.


My Experience Learning Amazing Selling Machine

The best aspect of the whole program is the incredible user experience it offers. The material is easily accessible across a number of devices and it is online. The dashboard for the community is easy to operate and communicate as well as visually appealing. The class is designed in video form and you can listen at your own pace.

Amazing Selling Machine 12 Platform video trainings

Easy, conversational tone is used in all communication and all technical terms sufficiently explained. The whole program is designed to be self-sufficient in cutting down the need for further research elsewhere. The excellent resources mean you will not get stuck at any point or lack of information or someone to reach out to. In simple terms, everything about the program is created with you in mind.


My Review: Should You Buy Amazing Selling Machine 12?

I have enjoyed my experience so far with the program and everything promises to get even better. The program takes a holistic approach to start and creating a successful business. The main difference between most programs promising similar results is the way it breaks down everything and guides you all the way.

If there was any letdown about the program is a huge load of information and the 8 weeks you need to go through learning the process. Then again this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Considering you most likely are engaged elsewhere you will need the time to understand and apply the information. Secondly, I would not wish the program to come with any less information, it has all helped me to where I am.

Access the Training for Free Here

I would gladly recommend this program to anyone pursuing financial freedom and owning a business. As further proof of how the program is effective, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee with no conditions attached. If you have been looking for a breakthrough or a push into entrepreneurship, this is it, do not let it pass.


P.S. Automated Tools Suite is included in Amazing Selling Machine XII! 4 New Tools will be included in this purchase. (Currently Discounted Price – $4,997)

There are two payment methods right now: One payment of $4,997 or six monthly payments of $997.

I personally have been encouraging everyone to get the payment settled all at once, mainly because of two important factors:

  1. Save yourself from the extra interests and I’d rather you invest this amount (Make one payment of $4,997 saves $985)
  2. If you have a hard time paying it all at once, you may want to reconsider your battle plan in eCommerce. Getting enrolled in the course is literally just about securing an opportunity. You do need thousands of dollars to invest in this business! (Purchase goods etc…)
If you’re committed to becoming free, join ASM12 today. 
Here’s everything you get inside ASM:
  • The ASM12 Online Web Class
  • The Mentor Program
  • Access to the Private Community
  • ​The Private Resource Vault
  • ​The Ultimate Software Tool Suite (BRAND NEW FOR ASM12!)
So, to join the ASM12 class, get lifetime access to each component, all future updates, and the personal coaching experience, click the button below.
Start your new future today!

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Written by Amazon Expert Seller.

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