5 Best Nootropics Supplement – Improve Cognitive Function! (Updated for 2019!)

best nootropics supplement 2018


Nootropics are a great way to get a leg up on the rest of the world. Whether you’re studying for exams, looking to work at your peak or just looking to raise your mental state to the next level on a day to day basis, Nootropics have been proven to help you up to the next level.

So, which is the best? We’ll be looking at some of the market leaders and presenting you with our findings.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer when it comes to Nootropics. Like so many things you need to think it out for yourself. Examine how they work, what they are and how much they cost before you can figure out which would be your best choice.

Or, you could find a helpful article that already has some of the best of the best laid out for you, with considerations as to price, lifestyle and what exactly you need.

Lucky, you, you just happen to be reading one. Here are four of the best of the best.

Introduction to NeuroIgnite – What is it? 

neuroIGNITE logo

Designed by a professional nurse who was looking into a way to stay alert and energetic while on her feet for eight to ten hours at a time NeuroIgnite is the proven premium brain supplement.

It is a fast-acting, brain-boosting formula designed to keep you going. It contains a variety of all-natural ingredients designed to help the person on the go think faster, improve their mood and stabilise both mental and physical health day-to-day.

It contains St John’s Wort, Bacopa, Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl-L, Carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Huperzine A, all of which are scientifically proven to have an overall positive effect on emotional physical and mental wellbeing. It mixes ancient herbs, with the scientific enhancement for optimum effects.

100% US made and FDA approved you need only take one pill a day to keep you up and going and fill you with the confidence of knowing your body is getting what it needs.

NeuroIgnite is also the number 1 best seller in St John’s Wort Herbal Supplements. This is something to be proud of, as supplements are a competitive field which requires constant innovation.


Benefits of NeuroIgnite

neuroIGNITE ingredients

NeuroIgnite is designed to promote focus, memory and concentration. It also comes with a wide variety of other effects in some small but meaningful ways.

It boosts your energy and thinking habits, improves your mood, helps you to gain knowledge and keep it once you’ve got it.

It is good for your mental health and has significant effects on the body. Huperzine A works to slow the body’s ageing process, while Bacopa stabilizes blood pressure, which is an advantage in our modern stressful lives.

Prolonged use also has the effect of building up long-term energy. Reviews have stated that effects can go from a slightly cheerful and energetic feeling to feeling as if years have been taken off your life.

The effects have not been shown to diminish as time goes on, so you can use it long term without it slowing down.

How Much Does NeuroIgnite Cost? The Price Is Revealed!


At $24 NeuroIgnite is top of the market for a good reason, only slightly more expensive than some of its competition, and coming in at far less than most products on the market it is more than reasonable for what it offers.

NeuroIgnite has a good reputation on the market, and it’s worth it to shell out a few extra dollars for something you know you can trust, especially with something as important as your brain.

It is probably the best middle of the road option. It also comes with a money back guarantee if you’re worried about your first bottle.



Who is Suitable for this? – NeuroIgnite

As NeuroIgnite is caffeine free and contains no ingredients known to cause adverse effects it is useful to any and all customers who need a little extra kick to their day.

You should be able to use it without fear, although of course, anyone who decides to start taking this or any other supplement should consult their doctor.

It also has some uses designed specifically to combat ageing, so it has best effects on those of middle age or older.


Introduction to Neuro-Peak – What Is It?

neuro-peak logo

Neuro-Peak is scientifically formulated for if you’ll pardon both my pun and theirs, peak performance. It combines a set of ingredients in carefully calculated amounts to support memory, focus and clarity.

Neuro-Peak stands out form others by boosting energy, keeping you moving and operating at your best for longer.

Using ingredients from all over the world, it has combed the medical field to give you what you need to keep you going and going.

It is at its most useful for those who frequently experience special events, stressful periods or other times when you can’t settle for less than your best.

Which is not to say it can’t, or shouldn’t be used long term. It was developed by a neuropsychopharmacologist with over 40 years of experience.

It has a competitive price and is known to be completely safe and helpful to keep taking. It will push you beyond your boundaries and then push further as you go.


Benefits of Neuro-Peak

neuro-peak ingredients

Energy upon energy, Neuro-Peak allows you to keep thinking, keep moving and boost yourself for longer. It will keep you feeling good when you’d usually hit the wall.

With its intellectual and emotional benefits, soothing influence and nerve boosting effects this will aid in both stabilising and supporting your mental function, as well as building new cells to keep you stronger for longer.

Long term use will make your good days better and your bad days easier as you take on life’s challenges with a quick mind and more energy.

Some reviews have also indicated that it can be of some use in the treatment of depression or ADD, though of course it should not be used in place of prescribed medication.

How Much Does Neuro-Peak Cost? The Price Is Revealed!

Along with Neuro-Peak, at $18.99 is the best option for the recommended ones. They also have a subscription savings deal, and occasional other deals to get the costs down even further.

For those who are watching their budgets, or don’t want to lose their money to gain the edge, this is the right choice.

Who is Suitable for this? – Neuro-Peak


While this is suitable for most people the best benefits form Neuro-Peak are designed for those who have an active, busy or energy-intensive lifestyle.

For those who need to push themselves every day to be better. Please do not take this supplement if you are pregnant, nursing a child or suffering from a known medical condition.

You should consult a doctor before taking this, or any other supplement.


Introduction to Neuro Clarity – What is it? 

neuro clarity logo

A natural holistic blend of ingredients designed to be both safe and powerful Neuro Clarity is designed to clear the fog and relieve the weight the average person carries around on their shoulders day-to-day.

It is at its most useful for combatting the natural strains and stresses of your days. While it does not possess the same amount of �kick’ as some of the other Nootropics are known to it delivers a simpler, smoother boost than most other products on the market.

It gives a significant boost to alertness and focuses as well, designed not for momentary or intense boosts, just a slow, steady increase of how �normal’ feels.

To raise your average from bad to all right, and from okay to good. If all you need is that steady extra boost you can’t go wrong with Neuro Clarity.

Benefits of Neuro Clarity

neuro clarity ingredients

In the short-term users will notice a feeling of lightness, that slightly faster, slightly readier, slightly quicker thought pattern that results in having some of your anxieties and issues pushed away.

You will find yourself more able to deal with the hard things, and take advantage of opportunities.

While you may not notice the significant energy boost, you will notice that things seem somehow easier and more manageable.

It is during the long term that things will really get better. Your cognitive function will increase, and life will start to seem a good deal easier.

For those who have a natural tendency toward anxiety and depression, they will find some of those burdens eased.


How Much Does Neuro Clarity Cost? The Price Is Revealed!


Along with Neuro-Peak, this is the cheapest of the best. They’re powerful for their price and if you’re looking for an edge on a budget Neuro Clarity should be your pick. It also comes with free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Who is Suitable for this? – Neuro Clarity

Natural and without caffeine it should be suitable for almost anyone who needs it, though you should still consult your doctor before you decide to start taking this or anything else.

This will have optimum effects on those who are currently suffering from too much weight in their lives and pressure on their minds.

Introduction to Neuro 67 – What is it?

buy neuro67 review

Neuro 67 is designed to unlock the full potential of the brain, boosting the mental edge for a competitive environment.

Neuro 67 is designed for high pressure, intense environments that you need an intense burst of. The ability to adjust to new stimuli and think faster will allow you to respond to crucial situations.

With a mixture of ingredients used for centuries in traditional medicines, the combination is greater than the sum of its parts.


It works in a two-stage process, operating first at the cellular and later at the cognitive level to create both physical and mental changes, boosting blood flow and avoiding cellular damage.

For the kind of person who doesn’t like to hold anything back, Neuro 67 is what you need.


Benefits of Neuro 67

neuro 67 brain pill

Neuro 67 boosts neurotransmitter synthesis and blood flow and avoids cellular damage.

It degrades inhibitory enzymes, allowing more neurotransmitters to flow, and increases antioxidants. On a deeper level, it protects and increases neuroplasticity, resulting in clearer thinking, less stress and a better mood.

For long-term users, the effects will be consistent, boosting you a little as you go and keeping up the elevated mood, control and competitive edge that you will have come to expect from it.

It also boosts the memory and eases anxiety and depression to come extent.


How Much Does Neuro67 Cost? The Price Is Revealed!


Neuro 67 is not any kind of cheap, catering to the luxury market for those who really need the extra edge.

At $59.95 Neuro 67 is the most expensive of the four we’re looking at today. There are some deals to buy in bulk for as little as $35, but it’s still fairly steep.

Still, it’s worth it, and it does come with a money back guarantee on your first bottle.

Who is Suitable for this? – Neuro67

It is advised that children, pregnant or nursing mothers, or people with heart conditions or pre-existing medical issues not take Neuro 67.

Consult your doctor before you begin to take this or any other supplement. Neuro 67 is at its best in high-pressure competitive environments, for people who are always challenging and pushing themselves. (Check out My Neuro 67 Review here)


Conclusion – REVEALED! Which Nootropics Supplement Is The Best For You?

All in all, what to get depends on what you need… Whether you’re in the market for ease of life, or a competitive edge, whether you need to go hard all day or be able to relax in a stressful world.


Your price range, lifestyle and personal preference will all effect which nootropic is right for you.


For our money, the all-around best’ nootropic has to go to NeuroIgnite, with its boosting effects, memory retention, benefits to body and mind and reasonable price it manages to edge out any of its competitors on at least one vital level and has the reputation to prove it.

On the other hand, something being the best for the average person doesn’t make it the best for you, so before you make any final choices you should go online, do your own research, look at what’s available and consult with your doctor on what’s right for you.


Thank you for reading till the last word, and I hope the information has been informative to you. Quote i leave with you..


“Take charge of your life, and you will never be a slave of others”

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