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RetargetBoss Review: Here Is What I Really Think


I think you will agree that getting online traffic is harder and harder by the day. There are more competitors in the digital marketing business, and it is really hard to get ahead. Yet, is that really the case?

Here, I will show you how using Retargetboss has successfully increased my traffic with extremely high ROI!


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Breaking The Ice

Let me start this Retargetboss review with a story of how i finally choose Retargetboss. I mainly used organic SEO as my source of traffic until earlier this year. Yet, suddenly the traffic dropped due to a new Google algorithm, and i was devastated to see all my work destroyed in a single night. Maybe this situation rings a bell to some of you, maybe you are experiencing it now.

At that point, I decided that i can’t put all my eggs in a single basket, and I started looking for more ways to generate traffic. That is where i stumbled upon retargeting advertising and Retargetboss.

My Review: Here Is My Thoughts And Opinion On RetargetBoss

So, what actually is Retargetboss? It is a Service by Rashvin focusing on helping you managing retargeting advertising. Confused? Well, let me try again. First, what is retargeting? Retargeting, or sometimes called remarketing is an online advertising campaign that targets users based on their previous actions on the internet.

So, let’s say you browsed a vacuum cleaner on Amazon. A retargeting campaign will then target you as a potential customer and will show you ads related to vacuum cleaners. I’m sure you’ve experienced this type of advertising before, one way or the other.

Here’s the catch: there are so many retargeting campaigns available, and managing all of them can be a hassle. Here is where RetargetBoss fills in.

RetargetBoss allows you to pass your ads management of all those retargeting campaigns to Rashvin. You can then sit down and let them do the work for you! Check out the ROI generated.

I have to admit that at first, I was sceptical about the ROI promoted on their site. Yet, the results are surprising! Not only Retargetboss is extremely easy to use, even for an average joe like me, my site’s traffic goes through the roof only after 3 weeks with RetargetBoss. Not to mention, the ROI is amazing!

What’s Included With Retargetboss?

First, I will need to explain that there are two different packages of Retargetboss: Launch Retargeting and Evergreen Retargeting.

Launch Retargeting package as the name suggests, is ideal if your product or service is currently during the launch phase. On the other hand, the Evergreen package is better if your business requires a long-term approach, such as an e-commerce business.

Sounds expensive? I also thought so at first. However, the package included quite a lot of things that justified the price.

  • All the creative processes and setups are handled by Retargetboss. It is a major timesaver!
  • A private Facebook group after you join. The Retargetboss is already very easy to use, and if you have any issues, the Facebook group is a tremendous help.
  • No need for experience or technical skills, everything is included in the package
  • Applicable in various niches, launch size, experience level, and whether you currently use free, paid, or affiliate traffic.

Retargetboss Against Retargeter

Before I finally choose Retargetboss, I’ve done a little research to compare several retargeting software options on the market. By the end of that journey, my choice boils down to just two: Retargetboss or Retargeter (

Here are several things that made me choose Retargetboss in the end:

  • First, Retargeter is less transparent regarding its price. And even then, the Retargeter package starts at $500/month
  • Time-saving, I can save so much time passing the hassle of retargeting to Retargetboss
  • Unlike Retargetboss, which clearly stated their features and how it works, the features of Retargeter are unclear at best
  • There are quite a number of bad reviews for Retargeter 
  • I got mine with a $298 Discount during Launch Period (Check out if the discount is still available)

For its price, Retargetboss is definitely one of the cheapest retargeting options available in the market, especially when we considered its rich features:

Retargetboss Pros and Cons

Here are what I liked and disliked from the Retargetboss.


  • Very easy to take advantage of retargeting, you don’t need any technical skills or experience
  • Great support! Ask anything and their support team will answer
  • The private Facebook group is a great source to discuss ideas, ask for help, and even find new business partners
  • Very versatile and you can use it for many business niches
  • Quite affordable compared to its competitors
  • Transparent in how it works, and easy monitoring


  • No refund policy, although I didn’t regret my purchase at all

Retargetboss Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine For Cheap!

As I have mentioned, there are two different packages of Retargetboss: Launch Retargeting and Evergreen Retargeting. Both packages are $695, with the Evergreen package costs $399/month after the first month (Includes campaign setup). That might sound expensive at first. However, as we have discussed the features included in the package, I think the price is justified when we get back our returns.


retargetboss result

Besides, when we compare it to other similar products in the market, Retargetboss is significantly more affordable, especially when we need to take ad costs into considerations.

As I’m writing this article, there is a special offer so you will only need to pay $397 (from $695), and the monthly cost for the Evergreen service is also discounted to just $249 (from $349). Grab it while it lasts!

Where to buy RetargetBoss?

I have been receiving many questions asking me where to purchase RetargetBoss. You may click the Red Buy Now Button Below to get your 43% discount ($298 OFF)  this for cheap, and 38% OFF the monthly subscription of Evergreen Service!


buy retargetboss review


Conclusion: Very Happy With Retargetboss

I was really impressed with how Retargetboss works. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Buy RetargetBoss by Rashvin, Product Review by Zion!”

  1. Hi Zion, I have a question. Can I retarget for multiple products using one service? Or one product per service payment? I understand that One payment service for one product is of great value due to Rashvin’s invaluable experiences with so many testimonials shown. If he allows multiple products per service then it’s a steal 🙂

    1. mm

      Hey Staley,

      Yes you are right, Rashvin only offers 1 product per service due to the time and effort he has to put into to retarget for you. If it allows multiple products then it’s definitly a steal, and Rashvin will be so afraid of offering his service again. Haha.


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