ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review: Best Way To Make Money With ClickBank?!?!

Here is my ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review:

Our proven training (CBU Premium), powerful software (ClickBank Builder Unlimited), and a whole new way to allow your customers to earn high priced commissions with automated webinar technology they can use as an affiliate (WebinarX)!


ClickBank Breaks the Internet Summary:

  • Name: ClickBank Breaks The Internet
  • Website:
  • Founders: Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitz
  • Price: One payment of $2,497 or three payments of $997 each
  • Scam/Legit: Legit (But Expensive)

Summary: ClickBank Breaks The Internet is a new launch by on 23rd October 2019 onwards. The prelaunch starts on 23 october to Sunday, 29 oct. This launch is mainly on the 3 best products that Clickbank has ever offered and packaged as one single product. The 3 products are as follow:

  1. ClickBank University Premium
  2. ClickBank Builder Unlimited
  3. Clickbank Webinar Creation Tool

What is ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

Last year Clickbank university tested something new. What kind of results would they have if they included their best products, software, and a new approach to affiliate marketing that allowed clients to earn high commissions through their own done-for-them automated webinar funnels… all in a one-time package?

The results blew CBU away.

Today, they have decided to offer their 3 best products packaged as one to be sold as a bundle. What is special about this launch is:

The usual pricing of each individual product is a monthly subscription-based model, but in this launch, you can get all 3 of them at a one-time Life-Time access.


I’m excited to see what kind of values this launch gonna bring to the rest. Join the webinar and training!


1 – ClickBank University Premium

If you don’t know what CBU is, CBU is a make money online course that teaches you on making money with Clickbank by their two recommended methods:

  • Offer your own digital products through the Clickbank marketplace
  • Get access to the entire CB marketplace and promote other digital products created by others using Facebook advertising and email marketing.


2 – ClickBank Builder Software

Clickbank Builder Software was created by CB to help you build a marketing sales funnel feature in your very own website. The software is simple to use, utilizing drag-and-drop method to create sales funnel, to sell your digital products with Upsells, and downsells. This software was created to allow digital product creators to integrate easily into the CB marketplace.

ClickBank BuilderBecause the website belongs to you, you can promote others product as an affiliate, maximizing your profits.


3 – Automated Webinar Funnel Software

Automated Webinar Funnel is a software that allows you to create your own webinar with many features like a funnel. This allows you to promote all products that you are an affiliate to, as well as the Clickbank products to people, all automated.

How Does The ClickBank Breaks the Internet Works?

In essence, when you enrolled into the ClickBank Breaks The Internet program, you will be able to do two things:

  • Identify opportunities through proven market research techniques, create your own info products and make use of the CB builder software to build yourself a website/funnel to sell on ClickBank marketplace.
  • Get educated on becoming an affiliate and utilizing both CB builder software and the automated webinar funnel to promote products, earning yourself affiliate income.

How ClickBank Breaks The Internet Works

ClickBank Breaks The Internet Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The cost of getting the lifetime access to the ClickBank Breaks The Internet package is a one-time fee of $2,497, or you can pay with three payments of $997 each. I would recommend you to save $ by going for the one-time payment.

30-day money back guarantee will be granted if you purchase through this link.

What I Like About ClickBank Breaks The Internet

Very clear-cut on making money online. There are thousands of ways to make money online, but a good course will laser focus and bring you into the legitimate way of making money online. For this package, you not only get enrolled into a proven make money online course (Clickbank University),  you also get access to their software that would have easily cost you thousands if you get it separately.

Would you do fine without the software? absolutely. But you will come a point where you would need these software again, and by then, the pricing may be subscription based and you may ended up losing more money than you should.

What I Don’t Like About ClickBank Breaks The Internet

Although the pricing is worthwhile with the huge amount of value getting offered, but if you are an absolutely beginner, you will find the cost to be quite high, considering that you have no experience in making money online and may not find it comfortable to invest this amount.

Who Is ClickBank Breaks The Internet For?

In my personal opinion, CB breaks the internet is for any affiliates or any beginner who wants to have a breakthrough in their online business, or who wants to follow the proper steps of making money online with a business. This is a proven and serious course to learn from. It will not guarantee you that you will be making quick money within a week. You need to invest lots of effort and time into this to work.

Conclusion – Is ClickBank Breaks The Internet A Scam Or Legit?

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a legitimate course to learn from, and if you do have the budget, you will find it to be worthwhile given all the noise you will find on the internet.

This package is worth every cent as it teaches you on properly setting up your own business that will last you a long-term. If you want to start an business online, making sure it will provide you and your family with stable income, and will last for years, this is an investment you will need to make for yourself.

Alternative To ClickBank Breaks The Internet?

If you do find the package to be a little pricey, and that you may only want to get exposed to the make money online trend, you may want to check out this course. It provides equal values to CB university at a fraction of the cost, although it do not offers any software.

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