Commission Hero 2021 Review: Is This Course By Robby Blanchard Even Legit? Crazy Earnings!

Who am I

Hi, I am Zion Hanson, the owner of this blog. Why did i decided to introduce myself first?

Well… to cut the bull, because i want you to know that i am exactly like you,

I want the content that i read to be truthful, and answers what i’m looking for.

Here you will find my honest opinion on the content.

Introduction: Who is Robby Blanchard

Robby is said to be the #1 Clickbank Affiliate for the last 4 years straight. In case you are wondering what is clickbank, it is a platform selling mostly digital products. And if you are looking into doing affiliate marketing, clickbank is the usual recommended platform to sign up for affiliate products.

Considerating that Robby Blanchard is a #1 affiliate for Clickbank, he will be referred as a Super Affiliate. But more importantly, i would assume that the amount of sales a #1 affiliate can drive for Clickbank should be huge right?

In his sales page, indeed it is showing gross sales of hundred of thousands PER WEEK.

Yes, it is per week. Not annual.

If his claim is real, then we surely have the potential to earn so much more affiliate commissions… since Clickbank is capable of paying hundred of thousands of dollars to him WEEKLY.

Blows my mind to even think about that. How would he be spending his cash.

What is Commission Hero about?

Commission Hero is the course created by himself, Robby Blanchard, the number 1 ClickBank Affiliate.

In Commission Hero 2021, You can:

  • Learn how to make affiliate commission without a website, email list or product
  • See how people with no experience are making thousands a day with this method
  • Say goodbye to the 9-5 job and experience true freedom with this simple system. 
  •  Learn the same exact techniques used by the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world


This course is designed to open your mind regarding online business and how you can leverage on technologies available today to earn income online.

It will allow you to make money even when you are in grocery store shopping for your dinner tonight. It is that crazy.

And ultimately, to avoid the 9-5 job that everyone is going through… when most of your energy(i will skip talking about time) would be spent on stuff that matters to other people, not your own well-being.

This course will allow you the freedom that you would need. Both Financially and Emotionally.

What will You Learn in Commission Hero 2021?

Nope… I will tell you exactly what you would expect to learn.

Number 1: The whole idea behind his strategy is on using Paid Ads to create an online business. Get the entire picture into your head.

Number 2: Learn to create Landing Pages

Number 3: Facebook Ads.

That’s it.

What? Zion you mean that’s all? It’s too simple.

No. This course is not designed to bring you through all the technical aspect, even thought it seems to cover how to create and the fundamentals.

This course is about educating you on running a successful online business. You literally paid to learn from the best of ClickBank affiliates.

To me, this is like a tuition fee to open a new door opportunity.

But not only so,

you will have access to the Commission Hero Private Coaching Group where everyone inspires and help one another 24/7.

You will also get access to the Million Dollar Ad Images that made Robby millions.

And, i would say one of the most important value added bonus,

is… Facebook Ads training.

He will be guiding you through all the tactics that Robby has used to get to million dollar revenue, as well as all the credit card tricks, overcoming any technical difficulties, and tweaking your ad copy/landing pages for higher sales.

and more… bonuses. But i will skip these.


What Can You Achieve from This Course?

You would learn how to do paid advertising for affiliate offers and this would be your online affiliate business model.

So, in affiliate marketing, there are two aspect.

  1. Product
  2. Traffic

The types and kinds of product that you would want to promote is solely depended on you. You can find any affiliate offers as long as the company is willing to have you to help promoting their products or services.

For Traffic, there are few different sources of traffic. There are Paid or Free.

Famous Paid traffic usually are

  • Facebook Advert
  • Google Advert
  • Bing Advert
  • Solo Advert (Buy Email Contacts)
  • Instagram Advert
  • Youtube Ads (You got annoyed before, don’t you?)

Free traffic sources are mainly:

  • Google Search Engine traffic
  • Quora traffic
  • Pinterest traffic
  • Youtube free traffic (create videos)
  • Instagram traffic
  • Reddit traffic

Free traffic costs nothing but the amount of traffic may vary. And your content may not reach the intended readers at long.

Whereas, Paid traffic is like a fuel to the fire. It drives your content into the readers when they are using the platform, and this allows your content to be seen by the users. Therefore with this, you are able to control the types of audience, numbers of audience that should see your content.

But bear in mind that it is costly.


How Much To Get Access to the Commission Hero Training?

Comparing to all the affiliate marketing courses available in the internet today, the price is unbeatable at $997 of one-time payment.

Wait what? Zion… it’s $997.

Hold up. You need to look at the average cost of the courses nowadays. Fake gurus faking till they make it and they are charging $997.

Like i said, if Robby is a legitimate guy, and his sales is truthful, this will be a sale.

It is like paying to learn from Tony Robbins at the same cost of an average motivation guru that just started one year ago.

With that said, i would say that the majority of your budget to start an affiliate business is on your paid advertising. You would need money to create advertisement on Facebook.

What about Commission Hero upsells?

There are two upsells, or rather, two more additional help you could get into.

Firstly, Inner circle.

Robby has created inner circle for commission hero students who would like to have a coach who will be accountable for your success.

You will get coaching from top students who went through commission hero system, and became the best in what they do. They have decided to dedicate themselves to you by becoming coaches.

I think it would be great to have coaches who went through the same exact system, and knew where you are at.

Cost of inner circle is at $297/mo.

If you would like to have a 1-on-1 private coaching, you can opt for it as well. But you ought to be very serious, because it is not cheap….


Commission hero Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals:

There are deals for commission hero for any season of joy! Robby will offer unique bonuses for each deals and every deals will propel you to success even faster.

Example of recent black friday deal are 7-figures landing pages and images that he has personally used to get to 7 figures earnings.

The link for black friday deal or any sales will be the same:

CH Link for any offers available.


What about any discount for Commission Hero?


The latest discount for commission hero will be found in the link provided. Robby will personally ensure that any discount or bonuses will be reflected inside and delivered to you once you make the payment to join. Here is the link.

Commission Hero Launch Period 2021:

(Please Note: If any link did not direct you to the right page, the registration is not ready yet)

Ready to make $1000 a Day? Get this Book for free:

Registration to the $1.8 Million case study video :

Registration to the LIVE Workshop – ($54,390 in 24 hours without a product, email list or website shared):

My Personal Opinion on Commission Hero:

Is commission hero legit or real?

Looking at the sales page, everything seems to make sense but it is definitely not as easy as it claims to be.

The learning curve is there, depending on how long you are in the industry.

And commission hero refund is one of the toughest i ever seen. Robby requires you to try the system out for one whole year. He wants to ensure that you did follow through the training, giving your best and he wants to ensure he is there for you for a whole year, before he allow you to give up on yourself and let it go…


Paid advertising is usually something that digital marketers would avoid of, because of the losses that you can exponential incur.

Therefore you would need to study and do your research well before diving into paid ads.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, if you have a shoestring budget (around $500 in total), i would recommend you to start with free traffic sources and close this page.

Or get a job, to fund your learning journey for $500/Mo.

However, for free traffic sources,

You can answer questions in quora, build out blogs, start learning about SEO and even create youtube videos!

But it takes time. Often, many months to years.

Before you ask me how are you supposed to even be learning all of this at once, i am here to suggest.

This is why you need a really good course!

To give you that step by step process.

A training course that teaches you on starting an affiliate business, exactly from a newbie to become a professional marketer.

Personally I am in this space for years.

There is no get-rich-quick schemes. Get that into your head.

But, if you are willing to take time to brush up your skills, and eventually get the same success as every students in Commission Hero,

then… you are fit to join commission hero.

And, as of the most of us, when we first started, we are afraid of putting our money into this online virtual business.

If you truly believe in the training, you will.

Have a look if the bonuses are still available. (

All the best.


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