Commission Hero vs Savage Affiliates: What Should You Invest in?

Deciding on which program is better?
I would like to shift your approach from ‘better’ to suitability.

Read till the end for full detailed review on commission hero and savage affiliates

Here are some key differences between Commission Hero and Savage affiliates:

  • Savage Affiliates offers significantly lower prices.
  • While Commission Hero focuses on paid traffic like Facebook, Savage Affiliates also teaches other traffic types.
  • Savage Affiliates has a better return policy.
  • Commission Hero is easier to learn than Savage Affiliates.
  • Commission Hero requires a bigger investment.

Benefits of Commission Hero

  • Let’s talk over the benefits of Commission Hero.
  • Laser-focused on one method will increase the success rate.
  • Taught by a true Facebook advertising expert
  • Results-oriented (which affects the refund policy)

Benefits of Savage Affiliates

Here are some of the benefits of Savage Affiliates:

  • Much lower-priced ($197 vs $997)
  • More content
  • Teaches much more than just promoting ClickBank products.
  • Teaches a variety of methods so that you can find something that works for you.
  • Taught by a true YouTube ads and content creation expert
  • A better refund policy

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero has just one main pricing plan. However, there is one upsell.

  • Commission Hero Standard $997
  • “The Inner Circle” – $297 per month

Within the standard Commission Hero, you have access to all the modules and videos mentioned here.
But, there is one upsell which is a coaching program.

It’s called “The Inner Circle” and it’s basically a group coaching program with some of Robby’s Campaigns.

I’m a member of this myself, so here’s what you receive:

  • Robby’s Campaigns (including Facebook audiences)
  • Weekly live streams where he answers your questions.
  • Another separate Facebook Group

Is it worth it? Probably, I mean you get his campaigns and even the Facebook audiences.
But, it’s annoying to get a $297 upsell after spending $997 on a course, so I think I’ll warn you here.

Savage Affiliates Pricing

Savage Affiliates also has one main pricing plan and one upsell.

  • Standard Savage Affiliates $197
  • Upsell $97

What’s inside of the upsell?

  • Done-for-you funnels ready to use (with emails)
  • Entire module about ClickFunnels

Is it worth it? If you want to promote ClickFunnels, yes!

There are four done-for-you funnels which promote a variety of products from ClickBank or ClickFunnels.
The beauty of these campaigns is that you can take them and promote them any way you like.

Which One Is Better For You?

This is entirely dependent on you.

But, I would say if Facebook Ads is what you want to specialize in, go for Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero.
I know quite a lot of people inside of Savage Affiliates and very few of them do anything with Facebook Ads.

Most of them have blogs, but a couple of them have YouTube channels as well.

Basically if you generally want to learn about all the updated money making techniques, then savage affiliates is for you.

If you want to laser focus on making money, and you do not have a preference, you may want to join commission hero to dominate.

If you’re still unsure after this, join both!

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