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eCom Elites Review 2020 – Honest In-depth Look at Franklin Hatchett’s Course (Unbiased), By Real Student!


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*Hi Guys, if you are looking for pure solid, beginner friendly dropshipping course, that will bring you step by step to experience with e-commerce, check out Simplified Dropshipping 4.0. (23 Feb 2020)

Hey Folks – Zion here with my full eCom Elites review. If you’ve not heard of eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett, you’re about to see it firsthand!

If you currently utilize drop shipping or are considering getting into it for future endeavors, there are many valuable lessons to be learned in eCom Elites.

Even if you currently have a solid grasp on the concepts and practices inherent within the drop shipping, you may benefit from a comprehensive course that can help to make you an expert. This supply chain management method is highly involved, and even the most astute practitioners may be missing out on some critical knowledge.

I’m inside this training (Time for a REAL Review), (Testimonials revealed below!)

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This is why Franklin Hatchett has developed his Ecom Elites course to help you build your business and better understand how drop shipping can contribute to overall profitability. Hatchett’s course will teach you to take control of your entrepreneurial future and gain financial independence so that you can live your life the way you have always desired.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

picture of franklin 2015 youtube videos

Back in 2015 I first started seeing franklin making affiliate marketing videos on earning money through Clickbank. Ever since then, he’s been making moves around the internet marketing niche.

picture of franklin 2018 youtube videos

(As you can see, now he has his hair)

You may even hear of the Famous Free + Shipping Method with Aliexpress. Yea he started it. When he first started talking about drop shipping, there wasn’t any video to learn from on youtube except his.

In today’s context, he should be the real GURU that you may have seen on youtube nowadays teaching you how to make $5000 daily within 30 days. But instead, theses fake guru made money by selling you your dreams.

If you are skeptical of a new course that you may not have heard of before, rest assured knowing that this course is on average 10 times less expensive than other similar, less effective courses. You can even find some of Franklin Hatchett’s free videos on YouTube so that you can determine if you want to continue with his course. I personally believe that you’ll find him to be informative, knowledgeable, and an expert teacher when it comes to drop shipping. (making money online)

This makes the decision far easier.

(Insider Attention: eCom Elites updates the modules regularly but you will not need to pay for any once enrolled! Free Updates! – 2020)

Let’s take a look at what Ecom Elites is all about. From here you can see that Hatchett’s course is not only genuine but also one of the most beneficial courses that you may take to help move your career forward.

What is Ecom Elites? (Full Detailed Review Revealed!)

Ecom Elites is a multi-module online course that is committed to teaching you how to take control of your life by running your own e-commerce business with countless of 6 and 7 figures students.

While the focus is on teaching you to better understand and utilize drop shipping with your online business, you will learn many more business techniques and strategies that will help you immensely throughout your endeavor.

Whether you are an experienced veteran or are just getting into running an online business, Ecom Elites has the information that you need to become more successful with your everyday operations. The course focuses on the benefits of drop shipping and will help you understand how to harness these benefits and become profitable.

There are over 80 videos included with Ecom Elites, and every one of them is incredibly useful! While most focus on drop shipping, there are 30 videos that basically double as a primer on how to use Facebook ads.

This means that you are getting a drop shipping course and essentially a free course on Facebook advertising all under the same umbrella.

We all know that social media marketing is essential for success in the online business world, and the Facebook modules included in Ecom Elites will help you up your social media game tenfold (or more)!

To get a better idea of what Ecom Elites is offering, you’ll want to understand their format. They teach the course through a series of informative, detailed modules that each focus on specific topics. These modules are composed of Vimeo videos that offer a variety of qualities, so no matter what connection you are working with, you should be able to access and take advantage of each and every one of these modules. Below is a breakdown of the modules and what you can expect to learn.

Module 1: How to Source Products

If you run a business that is heavily reliant on goods, you will need to have an effective sourcing strategy. This is something that is vital to the success of your drop shipping model, yet many courses about drop shipping fail to mention it or cover it in any way. Sourcing should be a priority for anybody looking to utilize the drop shipping method, as it greatly impacts the efficiency of your supply chain and the overall satisfaction levels of your customers.

Ecom Elites places a heavy focus on sourcing products, and you will learn much from their detailed videos. In fact, there are over 2 hours of training when it comes to sourcing, and you will be sure to walk away with a newfound appreciation for this part of the process. If you are serious about finding the right products from the right suppliers, this module will certainly help you in your journey.

Module 2: How to Utilize Shopify

Let’s face it, Shopify is here to stay, and anybody who understands commerce knows that it can be an excellent platform to help you boost sales. If you are committed to drop shipping and selling online, you are going to need to interact with Shopify at some point, and you’ll be better off if you become a master in this regard.

Ecom Elites offers an extensive Shopify module that will help you understand the platform and use it to increase your revenue. You’ll learn everything from the basics of setting up a Shopify store to utilizing Shopify funnels in order to increase your exposure and maximize your profits in every aspect. Franklin even has a personal theme that he will share with you, and you can determine if you want to use this as is or customize it to your liking. Either way, you’ll exit this module with a textbook knowledge of Shopify and a fantastic ability to use the online marketplace to your advantage.

Modules 3 & 4: Facebook Advertisements Optimization

In these modules you get to take a step away from the world of drop shipping and focus a little bit more on your online marketing strategy. We all know that it is nearly impossible to survive with a digital marketing campaign, but many of us lack the expertise to truly put together a program that optimizes our abilities. These modules were included to help us get over these hurdles and push us to become online marketing gurus.

There is a total of 43 videos about Facebook advertising. This may seem egregious, but it is highly beneficial to those who are looking to make money through their online business or businesses. If you have some experience with the subject, you can certainly skip over some of the basic videos and save yourself some time. Still, you should thoroughly watch any of the videos that may be relevant to your business.

This module will seriously give you an enhanced ability to make smart business decisions about Facebook. You’ll learn about the truth regarding the famous $5 per day budget ad. You’ll learn what sort of demographics you should target, how to utilize your Facebook messenger, and exactly what sort of ads you should be pleasing to gain engagements and convert prospects to paying clients from beginner to advanced making well over 7, 8-figures. These modules are invaluable and will help you improve your digital presence, whether you already have a strong one or if you are just entering the online marketplace.

This is a great module for every aspect of your business, and you’d be doing yourself a favor if you used it to teach other members of your company about online marketing. You can have a variety of different roles when it comes to Facebook ads, and you should be prepared to assign these roles and use them to their maximum potential. With the Facebook ads module, you’ll be ready to do just that and will be helping your company 10x towards marketplace dominance.

Module 5: Mastering Instagram

As important as Facebook is for a digital marketing campaign, Instagram is quickly catching up in terms of relevance and profitability. Many younger users are choosing Instagram over Facebook, and these means that you need to be embracing the popular platform even if you aren’t so well-versed in its functions.

Franklin’s Instagram module will provide you with everything you need to know in order to take advantage of the influencers’ traffic and turn them into sales. It will also help you understand what sort of prices you should reasonably expect to pay in order to secure advertisements and promotions. You’ll be able to tell who your market is and how you should run your Instagram advertise through Instagram when you are done with this module. Lastly, learn the secrets to how franklin scale up his engagement by scheduling post properly.

Module 6: Google Search Engine Optimization

Google may currently be the most intimidating name in any industry when it comes to online functionality. Without Google, many companies would cease to exist, and it is a major dogfight out there when trying to become search engine relevant. Franklin’s Google module helps you get past some of the obstacles that come with SEO ranking with such a massive competition.

This module isn’t going to transform you into a total SEO expert, but it will certainly help you with the basics and getting your company off the ground. The focus here is on organic traffic – in other words, gaining new followers and customers through a strong page 1 Google presence that allows interested buyers to encounter and click on your website instead of your competitor’s one. Combined with paid advertising, this will be a total domination over the web, driving huge amount of potential traffic to sales. Thanks to this module, you’ll have a better grasp on when it may be the right time to start paying for ads rather than spending precious time worrying about traffic. It is a fine balance and a difficult decision to make, but this module will give you the knowledge and confidence that you need to make it.

Module 7: Email Marketing (Money is in the list!)

Despite the fact that it has been around seemingly forever, email marketing is still a huge part of doing business on the web. Email has become the preferred form of communication among many clients and customers, so it is imperative that your email marketing campaign is strong, effective, and respectable.

There are many mistakes that we make that may have worked in the past, but now we have to be extra careful with our emails. Our marketing strategy truly needs to resonate with our crowd and we need our messages to be as professional as possible. This module will help you to formulate professional email templates and help you understand when and how you should be using this method of digital promotion. You will learn about the important of email funnels, create converting lead generation page to build on the relationship, and email automation. There are many other ways to get people’s attention, but email still seems to be very popular.

Module 8: Sales and Business (Made Easy!)

You may be a seasoned dropshipper or have zero experience in the business world, but it is never a bad idea to brush up on best practices and learn about new strategies and ideas. This module helps you to take a look at your current business model and determine whether or not it is working as efficiently as it should be. You will learn how to completely work 4 hours per week just by hiring VAs and spend your time travelling while earning. Many students found it to be highly informative and beneficial, even to those who have had plenty of success in the past.

You’ll get all the information you need to know about how to scale your business and how to prevent setting yourself up for failure. There are many tips and tricks to be learned from Hatchett’s approach, and they are all outlined here in this module. If you are an online merchant, sales are something that needs to be taken seriously. Your sales strategy should be backed up with several other plans, in case your original one doesn’t work. This will help you formulate a plan B in case the unthinkable happens.

You can use this module to hone your own sales skills or to motivate current employees and sales reps to challenge themselves and reach new heights. However, this isn’t there just to boost your sales numbers. This module will also assist you with back-office work and help you understand how you need to be promoting your brand and what practices are best to maximize profit, both operationally and in a sales regard.

Module 9: Top Secrets Videos! – Internet Marketing Tricks

The final module is full of miscellaneous advice that actually works! These are nuggets of wisdom that don’t necessarily fit the themes of the other modules but are still highly relevant and extremely helpful in today’s business atmosphere. We’re talking about things like Warranty planning, website reviews, and coupon tricks. These are all things that are covered in the Extras! Module and will be sure to enhance your learning experience.

Module 10 & Beyond: Recurring Updates

This module is not necessarily already filmed. This is the module for people who wish to continue getting updates from Ecom Elites and be given the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and the latest techniques and secrets in making money online. You can use this module to learn from your own past mistakes or from other people’s current and past successes. The updates bring in a great sense of community and help you to stay fresh by being one step ahead of the curve.

eCom Elites Discount and Bonuses! (Includes Private Facebook Mastermind Group)

picture of ecom elite private facebook mastermind

There are lots of Q & A sessions with Franklin! These are always entertaining, but also help you to absorb new, important information and apply it to your business. You don’t need to watch these modules, but their supplemental information is very useful and will keep you on top of things in your business at all times.

I decided to keep the modules here secreted so that you can really appreciate and cherish the lessons here. No one in the industry does it better, or still, bother to update the training videos like this guy here. You can request for any videos, learn about the new updates regarding Facebook ads to discussing the latest issue you encountered in the private facebook group! Other courses that claim to teach you how to make money online charge you way more at $999.

The best discount is to purchase it now to take advantage of the one-time enrollment fee and get access to free-updates for life!

(*UPDATE* – one of the reader claimed that this coupon link works, link. No harm trying i guess.)

So the secret to getting it cheap is to take advantage of the one-time payment of $197 nett here and once you are inside, you do not need to pay any more and receive full access to eCom Elites FULL Version for free.

New Ecom Elites Pricing Package (Standard Vs Ultimate)

Apart from all the above mentioned training and private inner circle with Franklin and other successful students, Franklin has also included the following to his eCom Elites Ultimate Package:

Sales Funnel training to systemically scale up your profits while knowing your ROI at the back of your head, Google Shopping Ads PLUS Done For You Complete 7 Figures funnel for you to replicate his success.

You will also receive two books, top selling 6 figure products and top selling niches of all times, all by Franklin himself.

Ecom Elites 2.0 Review?

Is there a 2.0 version for eCom Elites? Well, ecom elites 2.0 is actually referring to the whole revamped modules lessons that Franklin have updated. So to put in simply, the lessons are revamped but the course name is still called Ecom Elites! So, as long as you are enrolled into the course, the lessons will always be updated and any new changes will be reflected automatically.

Ecom Elites Review Conclusion – Countless Testimonials Results from eCom Elites Students! (testimonials here)

If you are looking to start a business or already have your own, Ecom Elites can provide you with the training and information that you need to go from good to great!

Even if you already have marked success, you can utilize this course to motivate yourself to keep moving forward and make money off of your drop shipping operation.



There are no limits to what you can do when you start taking actions to make money over the internet. Follow exactly what Franklin teach in the Ecom Elites program and you will be on your way to success.

Don’t let the naysayers get you down.

It is a program that has helped many students with plenty of wacky ideas that later turned out to be hugely successful. You don’t have to look on and admire these people from afar any longer!

If you take the small amount of time it takes to finish an Ecom Elites program, you’ll be giving yourself a major head start for a new company or a fantastic boost for an existing one.

Ecom Elites is the ultimate program to create income online, and it will help you better understand your role in the drop shipping world and how you can utilize it in order to become insanely successful!

Start crushing it, see you inside!

Thank you for reading my ecom elites review, updated for 2020 Feb!

Is eCom Elites Worth It?

Leave a comment and let me know, or if you have any questions!

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27 thoughts on “eCom Elites Review 2020 – Honest In-depth Look at Franklin Hatchett’s Course (Unbiased), By Real Student!”

  1. Wow. This sounds really genuine. It’s not like the regular adverts we see that promises everything but sounds very suspicious. I think definitely going for this as the price is not even close to what others are demanding.

    1. mm

      Exactly Seadals. The price is nowhere near other ‘Gurus’. This is one factor that can determine if the course founder actually needs your money or not. Glad you enjoyed this article.

  2. It’s actually nice to know that Franklin is informative, knowledgeable, and an expert teacher when it comes to drop shipping, and someone can testify to that. I’ve seen a lot of people parade themselves as gurus in the field but when you follow them, you’ll get no value at all.

    1. mm

      Hi Vivian,

      Totally agree with what you just said. Just his youtube channel itself has so much value. Lots of training videos to follow on for free. See you inside!

  3. I actually read the article from top to bottom and when I noticed that in the course, one would be getting a drop shipping course and a free course on Facebook advertising, I did not even waste time before going for it. I mean, there was someone who wanted to sell just a Facebook advertising course for me at $210 and this one is giving me as an extra and you say I shouldn’t grab it?!

    1. mm

      Hi Alfie,

      Surprised how many people missed out on your point too. I spent close to $10,000 to learn FB ads and franklin just added in the FB ads training as part of this course. Crazy isn’t he? This is why i decided to advocate this course to anyone i know. I personally have benefited tremendously from the program.

      Nice to see you on-board!

  4. Juliet Emmanuel

    Woah. All these are going for $197? That’s nice. I really appreciate stuff like this. I mean, these modules are amazing and I feel the price is right for it. I wish a lot of people would go for it because it is a lot.

    1. mm

      Hey Juliet,

      Yes it is for $197 currently. And on top of that, franklin has updated the course many times as new technique and updates emerges. Even the entire module on FB ads has been updated and clean-up to stay up-to-date. He’s planning for more modules and videos to keep us busy with $$$ right now. I highly recommend anyone to join in now if you’re considerating. You know how courses always increases the price after new updates, right? Especially when ecom elites is already the cheapest proven course available.

      See you inside 🙂

  5. The best part of this course training is where we get to share experiences with like minds who have been in the business even longer than you. It’s in the group I learned a great deal that made me avoid some mistakes. It’s really an amazing opportunity one shouldn’t miss.

    1. mm

      Hey Samantha,

      Spot on! It’s always the community that helped us focus on our goals 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and glad you liked it!


  6. Jeez. There’s really a lot to learn about e-commerce and dropshipping. When I see sites doing this online, I’m really impressed but right now I can see there’s a whole lot happening behind.

    1. mm

      Yes the opportunity to make money online is abundance and easier than never! Many people has started their e-commerce journey. Come in too 🙂

  7. Omg! I’m finally going to be a drop shipper?! I’ve have searched YouTube for tutorials but all I see there is not making much sense. Some would even demand outrageous prices for you to unlock whatever it is they are giving. But this is good.

    1. mm

      Hi Barrick,

      Glad you are learning about dropshipping from ecom elites. The materials in the program really is one of the best and is definitely able to bring you to 6 figures easily once you get a hang of it.

      Stick to the training and keep testing 🙂

      You will get there soon.

      All the best!

  8. Really? 43 videos about Facebook advertising?! Nah, that doesn’t seem egregious at all. I have really failed so bad when it comes to Facebook advertising and I wouldn’t mind watching tons of videos to set it right. It’s time for one to start looking to make money through their online business.

    1. mm

      Yes Francisca. The FB Module itself is massive, and franklin has been updating it ever since too! Now it’s much clearer, simpler, and most importantly, even more effective than before! But be prepared to take some time into learning this. It is quite intense.

      See you inside!

  9. I found some of Franklin Hatchett’s free videos on YouTube and honestly if that is anything to go by, I’m determined to try out the Ecom Elite course. I’ve really wanted a good place to learn drop shipping once and for all.

    1. mm

      Yeah the course information is great and if you are a begineer, be prepared to take lots of notes. The training is quite powerful. Spent many hours watching it myself. On top of it, there is a facebook mastermind group where everyone support and help each other out. Asking questions and motivating eveyone 😀

  10. Rebecca Sharks

    So I paid for the course, but it took me a while before I actually started going through it. I was added to a group later on and trust me, the motivation I find in the group daily is amazing and it always spurs me to take action. I know I can be lazy at stuff but I guess the group was there so people like me would not just buy and dump the course.

    1. mm

      Hi Rebecca,

      glad you followed on and didn’t give up! Remember it’s all about following through the training and actual implementation! After so, be ready to sow results.. earning internet income is amazing and it will free your time.

      Lets strive together!

  11. Hmm. The modules are very good. I particularly like the SEO part as a good site and great content without appearing on search engines can really be frustrating. This should be good for online marketers.

    1. mm

      Exactly Billy. I was able to save thousands every month after implementing SEO techniques to my store. Still amazed by the level of knowledge i received from the course. Franklin really is the man to follow.

      Thanks for your comment

  12. I’ll be honest here. This course is really an eye-opener. Even if you have started drop shipping, you can still motivate yourself daily with this course. In fact, there will be something you’ll see and learn from. I also thought I was an expert but there were some things in the course that I hadn’t figured out.

    1. mm

      Hi Johnny,

      glad that you found value in this course. I learnt lots of stuff from Franklin itself. He’s really the guy to go to for internet income.


  13. Hi Zion!
    What other costs are associated with following through 100% on building the drop ship business using eCom Elites? For the ClickFunnels that Franklin trains you on – do I need to pay for a ClickFunnel membership in order to use ClickFunnel?

    1. mm

      Hi Jen,

      When you first start out, you only need a shopify subscription, domain name cost, and of cos the cost of using paid traffic methods. E.g. Facebook advert.

      Clickfunnel membership subscription would be needed if you like to use it.

      Hope you are doing well.

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