Ecom Elites vs Dropship Lifestyle 2019

If you are considering to start your own dropshipping store, I’m sure you have already come across a number of online courses. With that in mind, Ecom elites and drop ship lifestyle are some of the best courses offered online.

Each of these courses has something unique to bring to the table. However, I’m sure you are only willing to take one course. So, which of the two is the best dropshipping online course? Well stick around and find out.

In this article, I will give you a summary of each course and how it will help your online franchise. In the end, this will help you decide which of the two courses is best suited for you. Shall we get started?

Ecom Elites

Franklin Hatchet is the mastermind behind this great course. If you don’t have any idea who he is then let me give you a brief introduction. Franklin is one of the most popular online entrepreneurs of our time. He has earned his money through marketing online and other business ventures.

Therefore, Frank is in the best position to offer you this course. That’s because he has first-hand experience on how to conduct a successful dropshipping online store with ease. In this course, you will have access to different packages. Each package comes with a different price tag.

The standard package that’s ideally made for newbies costs $197 as of this writing. This package covers almost everything that will help you start your online store. From intense product research, sourcing your products, marketing your product on online platforms to Google SEO tools and how to use it.

On the other hand, Ecom Elites also offers an Ultimate package that costs $297 as of this writing. Here, you will learn how to take your already existing online store to the next level. You will also get access to two of Franklin’s online store books that will funnel you to a 6 figure pay. But I would only recommend you pay for this package if you have an existing business or you just want it all. It’s not meant for a beginner in the online community.

Modules in Ecom Elites

Each online course is split into different modules which makes it possible for you to follow through the lessons. Ecom Elites is split into:

  • Setting up your Shopify store
  • Sourcing your products
  • Facebooks Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Chatbot Profits
  • Building your sales funnels
  • Google Ads
  • SEO

You will also get a Q&A session where you get to interact with Franklin and ask any relevant questions. What’s more, this course grants you access to a Facebook group of members who are making money using the same course. That will help you gain the recommended experience from other members taking the same course. You can also ask questions and get answers from your fellow ‘classmates’.

This great article on ecom elites explained in details why it was worth every penny.

Dropship Lifestyle

This is also another great online course that will definitely teach you a lot on how to create your own online store. The course is created by Anton Kraly, who also happens to be a successful online entrepreneur.

After years of selling products remotely on Shopify, Anton decided to create an online course that would educate others on the same. Dropship Lifestyle (DSL) was first launched in 2012 as an affiliate program where affiliate marketers earned money for referrals. The entry level for a seller was $250 and the commission for every successful enrolment was $125.

So, a number of programs started promoting the course on ClickBank network which led to its high traffic rate.


So what does the Dropship Lifestyle Course offer?

The course has come a long way since 2012. The price increased all the way from $250 to $2,997 which is a one-time payment. I’m sure that’s not a small amount of money that you just have lying around somewhere. So, let’s take a look at what you will get after enrolling in this course.


  • Premium Package: here you will get access to everything you need to know about dropshipping and so much more. That’s all for a cost of $2,997. You will have access to 55 advanced training modules. This will help you get the best help when it comes to dropshipping.


  • Done-For-You Package: this is the mother of all packages. It actually costs $4,997 where they will set up an entire website for you. Therefore, you can now focus on learning and building your online business. What’s more, they create your website in less than 2 hours. You also get private coaching from Anton himself and two tickets to the DSL retreat in Vietnam.



So which of the two is the best online course: Ecom Elite vs. Dropshipping Lifestyle?

Now that you have all the facts, which of the two do you think best suits your style? My money is on the Ecom Elites. Well, as I said earlier, both courses actually offer the best training in the business. However, why should you spend a fortune on some training that you can get at a fair price?

With that in mind, I will recommend you to take up Ecom Elites. It’s a course that even the professional clients of dropshipping will get to learn something extra. Also, Ecom Elites course is fair for both newbies and experts.

The only disadvantage with Ecom Elites is that you won’t get access to any retreat tickets. But I think that you will be able to afford a vacation once your online store is up and running. You don’t have to pay extra just to get something that you will be able to afford on your own with a little patience.

In Summary…

Well, there you have it. Now that you are ready to become an online entrepreneur, you can now invest in the right course for you. The most important part is that you don’t have to spend a lot on something that you can actually get at a fair price. That is why Ecom Elites is at your best interest.


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