Ecom Elites vs Ecom Masters (2019 Revealed!)

If you are planning to make money from an online shop, I’m sure you’ve probably checked out a couple of online courses. One of the major courses out there is Ecom Elites and Ecom Masters.

That leads us to today’s question: Which course should I choose between Ecom Elites and Ecom Masters? Each of these two brilliant courses has something unique to offer. But it’s always advisable to consider only one. So, let’s nose dive into the tiny details of each of the above online courses.


1.    Ecom Elites

Today, the online community has revolutionized shopping. With the emergence of Shopify, this great interface has made it possible to create e-commerce shops online from literally anywhere in the world. The best part is that you don’t have to directly meet with your clientele. Simply, make advertisements that are convincing enough so that your viewers can buy your products.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Currently, there are thousands of failed online shops. However, with a bit of guidance, you will be on your way to that financial freedom you’ve been longing for. On that note, Ecom elite is an online course that gives you all the basics of starting an online shop. Above all, this course ensures you have a successful business.


What Makes Ecom Elites Stand out?

Franklin Hatchett, the Ecom Elites Coach, has worked on his online shop for close to 2 years as of this writing. During this period, he learned the loops of how to ensure you have a successful online shop. Therefore, with this course, he shares his ideas to the world.

With the Ecom Elites course, you will be able to:

  • Create your own store
  • Find the right products to sell in your store
  • Market your shop on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use emails to market your shop
  • Also, use chatbots that will help bring more sales.
  • Understand how to use Google ads to market your shop

Those are just some of the nitty-gritty details of the Ecom Elites course. On top of that, you don’t have to worry if you are not an expert in online shops. This course is made for both professionals and newbies to the online community.

As you can see, this course will take you all the way from starting your shop to making a success story out of it. Additionally, to help you feel more confident, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee. That means if you take the course and don’t get the results after following all the instructions, you will get a full refund of your money.


What do I need to start the Ecom Elites course?

Well, listen carefully! I’m sure you are probably wondering if you need any programming skills to actually learn this course. The beauty of this course you don’t need any programming skills. Even basic JavaScript or C++…nada! Simply polish your understanding of the online community and you are good to go.

The Ecom Elites course is designed to suit newbies and professionals at the same time. This is the most comprehensive course you can find in the online community today. Let’s take a look at Ecom Masters before we decide which on course takes the win.


Ecom Masters

It’s always a good idea to look at different online courses before settling for one particular course. And with that in mind, Ecom Masters is another great course that offers amazing packages and skills for you.

If you want to master your online store skills and make it a success story, then Ecom Masters is a great option for you. With this course, you will get to understand Shopify better and how to make your shop succeed.

I’m sure you agree with me that there are dozens of online shops out there, each offering something different or even similar commodities. So, for your shop to stand out, you need to get the best of the best training.

Ecom Masters is practically an 8-Week program with various sections. Some of the tools at your disposal once you enrol for this course include;

  • eComFire Shopify Store Theme
  • Ecom Explore Product Tool
  • AdRocket Advertisement Software.

These tools will help you achieve the ultimate success in your online shop. In the 8 weeks of study, you will learn different segments of your online store. What’s more, you will learn how to use Facebook to market your shop.

The Ecom Masters course also gives you the chance to market your shop using Email campaigns. With this course, you will be able to set up automatic email campaigns that will easily convert your traffic to buyers.


Is Ecom Masters suitable for newbies?

Of course yes! If you have no experience in online marketing, this course can bring you from a beginner to a successful business owner for you. Even though the Ecom Masters course is designed for both professionals and newbies, this program works well for new beginners.

The course takes you through every aspect of creating an online business. If you have never sold anything online, then this course will ensure you a great experience.


Ecom Elites vs. Ecom Masters

Time to find out which course is probably the best option for you. Drum roll…By far, Ecom Elites offers more when compared to Ecom Masters. The amount of knowledge in ecom elite far outweighed ecom masters. It teaches you more than using Fb ads to run your shopify store, it teaches you how to run a successful online business on the internet leveraging all kinds of technologies such as Google Ads, SEO.


Why is Ecom Elites better than Ecom Masters?

First and foremost, Ecom Elites realises the value of Instagram and how much it can change your online experience. On the other hand, when you take the Ecom Masters course, you will only understand how Facebook and Email Marketing works. We all know that marketing will affect your overall sales. If you don’t market your shop to different social media platforms, you may not realise the full potential of your online shop.

Other than that, another effective way to improve your business is by the use of SEO. That will ensure your online shop ranks better on Google. Through Ecom Elites, you will fully understand how to optimize your online shop and this will drive organic traffic sales. Unfortunately, Ecom Masters doesn’t offer SEO lessons so you might not get better ranking.

On top of that, Ecom Elites also features lessons on Google Ads and secrets to getting near-to-organic Google traffic. Ecom Masters doesn’t have any of those features which might put you slightly at a disadvantage.


In Summary…

Well, there you have it! As much as Ecom Masters is a good option when it comes to understanding online shops, Ecom Elites will definitely offer you more expertise. Not only so, the price tag of eCom Master at $1,997 compares to eCom Elites at $197… It doesn’t take a genius for you to prefer Ecom Elites over Ecom Masters. Above all, you will get the chance to realise more profits and eventually get that financial freedom. Check out the ecom elites article to know more about the lessons taught.

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