Ecom Elites vs Shopify Ninja MasterClass (2019 Latest Comparision)

Currently, there are thousands of failed online shops. All these shops have owners who are trying to achieve financial freedom. You might find that they have even quit their day jobs for this. But, what’s the difference between a successful online shop and a failed one?

Well, if you ask me, we all need a few lessons especially when it comes to creating online shops. That will ensure you are able to achieve the success you need. That leads us to today’s debate, Ecom Elites vs. Shopify Ninja Master Class.

If you have had the chance to search online for the best courses on drop shipping, I’m positive that you’ve come across these two courses. However, it might be difficult deciding on which course is best suited for you. On top of that, finding the best course overall is also another uphill task.

Thankfully, this article is going to help you understand what you are going to get from each of the above courses. What’s more, you will be able to make a quick judgement on which course is more or less the best option.


Ninja Master Class Shopify 2019 Review

Let’s start by talking about the man behind this great course: Kevin David. For those who don’t know who he is, David is a seller on Amazon FBA with more than a 6 figure monthly payments from his shop. Aside from that, he has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and he currently owns the multi-million online franchise.

So what made him so rich? Well, that is what this course is all about. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of online shops out there that never make it through the first few months. Without the proper training, it’s not easy creating a successful online shop. Therefore, this course will help you get to your first millions in a matter of months.


What will I get when I buy the Ninja Master class Shopify?

There’s a lot of information currently circulating the online community. Without proper guidance, then you are likely to get more confused. On top of that, all that information might overwhelm you. Instead of getting answers, you are more than likely to end up with more questions. For instance, when do I start? How much money do I need? What do I sell in my shop? And so on…

But with this course, you will get what you need. David takes you through a step by step process to getting your online shop started. You will be able to choose your brand name and edit all the necessary settings with ease on Shopify. What’s more, you will comfortably launch an online marketing campaign that’s likely to succeed.

The course is divided into 5 Core Modules which include:

  • Finding Your Product
  • Getting the Best Supplier
  • Creating your Shopify Store
  • Launching your Marketing Campaign
  • Scaling up to the Moon


Is the Ninja Master Class Shopify course right for you?

This course is well designed for both experts and newbies. Ninja Master Class will take you through the first steps of creating an online shop on Shopify. Above all, you will get to make your store a success through a well-proven step by step procedure.

Therefore, if you are looking for an online course that will easily suit your shop, then you should consider Ninja Master Class Shopify. Let’s take a look at Ecom Elites before deciding on which course is ideal for you.


What Is Ecom Elites

Of all the online course offered on drop shipping, Ecom Elites ranks among the best of them all. This course will easily transform your small business into a well-established profitable venture. Even if you simply have ideas to start an online business, Ecom Elites will help you convert that dream to a reality.

While the entire course majorly entails details on drop shipping and e-commerce, the market content in this program is worth every penny. The videos are hosted on Vimeo which ensures that you get the best quality regardless of the speed of your internet connection.

Frank Hatchett gives you a detailed step by step procedure which will help you get that million dollar business.


Is Ecom Elites worth it?

Most online courses cost an average price of between $2,000 and $3,000. Not only is Frank’s online course a fraction of that, but it will also give you the best quality. Frank is a very successful online entrepreneur. His experience puts him in a better position to give you the mentorship you need.

Furthermore, since the course is quite affordable, it has high competition. Trust me, this course is an absolute bargain to the knowledge and skill set you are getting. From creating an online shop on Shopify to marketing campaigns and overall management.

When you enrol to Ecom Elites, you will get a module that comprises of:

  • Setting up your Shopify store
  • Product research
  • Launching Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Launching Instagram Ads campaigns.
  • Creating effective Chatbots
  • Creating sales funnels that are effective
  • Training on Google Ads
  • Using SEO to gain traffic.

You will also take advantage of Frank’s Q&A sessions to get answers to any burning questions. More importantly, you will also get access to a Facebook group where members are able to discuss and also share tips about the course. Everyone in the Facebook Group is a member who has already paid for the course.

Ecom Elites vs Shopify Ninja Masterclass

Since both courses have impeccable qualities and will truly add to your online shop, how do you choose the best course for you? Well, there are a few factors you can consider when deciding.

First of all, as much as Shopify Ninja Masterclass is an effective course, it doesn’t take advantage of one of the best marketing strategies: SEO. This is a very vital necessity that every online seller needs to understand. Thankfully, Ecom Elites has an entire module solely dedicated to training its members on SEO.

Next, Shopify Ninja Masterclass grants you access to a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. It is also subject to other rules. For instance, for you to get your money back, you should have only watched 40% of the videos. If you pass that percentage, you will not get your money.

On the other hand, Ecom Elites offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t realise any improvements provided you followed through the entire process. Also, Ecom Elites entails a detailed description on how to use Chatbot which is not clearly stated on Shopify Ninja Masterclass.


Which is the Best Online Course?

Hmm… Let me see…

Using the facts above, then the winner is Ecom Elites by a landslide. Though the two courses will potentially improve your online shop profits, Ecom Elites offers more information. That said, I would only consider Shopify Ninja Masterclass as a good alternative for Ecom Elites.

Check out Ecom Elites here.


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