Every superhero’s secret power… (Selling On Amazon)


Having a superpower is cool.

Superhuman strength? Heck, yeah!

Flying? You betcha!

Mind reading? ALWAYS!


If you ever watched even one superhero movie – Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League… – you could notice one important thing:

One superhero with all its powers isn’t enough to take down the main villain!

It’s always the team that takes him down and saves the world.

And you could also notice another important thing:

Every team is formed so that it leverages the strength of a superhero, while at the same time it covers his weaknesses.

It’s a perfect network.

Each superhero works on its own, but when needed, they know they can count on each other.

That’s exactly the goal and purpose of networking at live events – to connect with and form your own team of “superheroes” which you can connect when you need their superpowers.

With that in mind we put together ASM, where the main focus is on networking and meeting like-minded people who can help you take your business to the next level.

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Talk soon,

Zion (Amazon Review Course – Jason Katzenback, Matt Clerk)


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