This is far from dead (Amazon?)


THIS strategy is far from dead…

Using trade shows to grow your Amazon business.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking: “What?! Does anyone even visit those anymore?”

The short answer is – YES.

People do visit trade shows, and they do it for various reasons.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits for you and your business attending or even exhibiting at a trade show.

You can:

Meet and connect with potential customers

Build a better, stronger connection with your current customers

See the trends in your industry

Meet potential suppliers and start building a relationship with them

Learn what your competitors are doing right

See what your non-direct competitors are doing right and see how to implement it in your niche

Get feedback directly from your market

And many others.

Don’t get put off just because you’re selling a consumer product.

There are many consumers – your potential customers – who regularly visit trade shows to get informed, to see what’s new, and, sometimes, to try to get better deals. Usually, these are the most interested, red hot, passionate buyers whom you want in your business.

And yes, this works for Amazon sellers.

For example, Paul Miller, one of our top students and owner of CozyPhones brand, listened to advice he got from his mentor and he went to a trade show.

There, he met people from Nickelodeon, Disney, and Hasbro. Eventually, he made a deal with Nickelodeon to use their Paw Patrol brand on his headbands.

And that’s where things really took off.

This year, he expects his sales to be between $6-8 million.

Then there’s Athena Severi, who regularly visits the Canton Fair in China – the largest sourcing fair on the planet – to meet with suppliers, build relationships, and get better deals. She’s even helping other sellers do the same.

Trade shows are far from dead.

In fact, they’re among the most powerful business-building strategies out there.

Don’t neglect that, and your business could reach new heights in record time!

Talk Soon,

Zion (ASM Review)

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