How to get high end clients consistently to earn 2K to 40K per client

Do you want to feel inspired and confident to sign up 10 dream clients in 30 days or less?

Check out this brand new masterclass (at no cost) to help you sign up 10 dream clients and make six figures while working less and earning more.

Ted McGrath believes that you have a story and message inside that is calling out to your dream clients.

If you want to feel inspired, in service and and in control of your monthly income, then you will love the 7 steps Ted shares in his Dream Clients Delivered Masterclass.

He only shows up live a few times a year, at no cost, so don’t miss out.

Here’s a taste of the inspiration you will experience during the Masterclass:

=> How to package your life story and message into coaching programs that change the world

=> Where to find 10 dream clients in 30 days or less to boost your cashflow

=> The # 1 secret to booking free consultations with highly qualified potential clients that want to buy your programs

=> A Behind the scenes look at Ted’s Dream Clients Delivered marketing system that brings in his dream clients and income every month

The Dream Clients Delivered Masterclass will be packed, so be sure to sign up and get your virtual seat here, at no cost.

This is powerful for newbies and veterans, because Ted shows you how to bring in dream clients in the next 30 days and he shows you how to create an online system that brings in your dream income every month.

Most people struggle to bring in clients and income consistently….

….You don’t have to be one of them!

Get registered for the Dream Clients Delivered Masterclass.

The #1 factor that destroys and hold our potential… Procrastination.

You don’t want to be that.

To your advantage,

Zion (Ted McGraths)



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