Why is Growth Important in Life? – Inner fulfillment leads to a Happier Life

Personal growth is important as when you develop yourself and understand yourself better you can contribute to the organization you are working for or even to the society. For the society to develop as a whole, each individual should focus on his/her personal growth.

Personal growth is a continuous process of analyzing oneself and improving oneself. Personal development is the backbone of when it comes to a person’s growth, success or happiness. It is the combination of intellect, emotions, spiritual and physical health.

Personal growth is important to adapt changes

You live in a society that is changing constantly and to adapt to the changes in the environment as an individual, personal development is necessary. You need to develop yourself personally as it will promote personal growth too.

To fit in the different roles in everyday life like to be a successful individual as a leader, teacher, parent, spouse or friend you need to grow. Everything is possible when you are ready to accept the changes and adjust to different situations with confidence.

How to develop as an individual to attain personal growth?

Hunt for a mentor

Yes, you can hunt for a mentor that can guide you professionally in your career. A perfect mentor would be a person who likes mentoring and guide you when you need him/her. The mentor should be someone who understands you better and can evaluate weigh you weakness and strengths.

A mentor can be a person who is senior to you and when you are stuck in professional issue, he/she may be able to guide you properly through his/her experience. Similarly you can have a different person as a mentor to guide you in your personal life. As an individual it is not just that you need help on professional front to aid personal growth but you also need personal mentor to help you on personal matters too.

When you have mentors that support you in every thick and thin, then make sure you build a long relationship with them. Do not stop interacting with them after you got the guidance from them. Do not forget the lessons your mentor teaches you and implement them wherever required. Stay in touch with them and show them how much you respect them.

Books can be your best friends

Reading and reading teaches you a lot. It is an unbelievable tool that can be used for personal development. You can read a lot of autobiographies of inspiring personalities in business, politics or any other field.

Try to read everything that comes your way. It will inspire you as a person and deal with the changes in the society and your life.

The more you read you gain a lot of information and knowledge about how to handle situations that you encounter. The books inspire you and give you confidence to grow as an individual.

Create a strong belief

When you read a lot you get to know about a lot of things, people, culture and places. When you think from your point of view, you have a different opinion. Try to think logically and create a strong belief so that when you interact with others you have a strong belief that supports your opinion and grooms your personality which is recognized by people around you.

It is very important to engage in social activities, events etc so that you have a good network of people around you. They can help in your journey of personal development.

Do not get disturb if someone criticizes you for your work, think about it and try to improve as this way you can enhance your skills and work on weakness. Of course the criticism has to be positive one.

Make sure you learn from others who are successful. Discuss with them about their journey towards personal growth.

Certainly there is no end to personal growth, it is an ongoing personal and as an individual you need to learn a lot. It may take time to adapt to changes, but do not give up as quitting can push you back years behind where you had started from.

Growing as an individual doesn’t mean that you ignore your job towards the society. You live in a society where you interact with a lot people and they are the ones who are directly or indirectly contributing to your personal growth.

It is important to develop yourself on both professional and personal front and a good mentor can certainly help you climb the ladder of success.

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