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how to lose 20kg in a week


The 21st century is different from the others in that the society in one way or another, creates pressure on individuals to become almost perfect. As a result, people try to be so much perfect that they end up using even ways which are harmful and unhealthy just to fit in. For instance, in a bid to conform to a particular body type, people go to whatever extent it takes them just to try and shed the extra fat even at the cost of their good health. Most of this people perceive losing weight through the right channels as a tedious and lengthy process, and since they want instant gratification, they end up using unhealthy ways. Apart from being unhealthy, the results are usually not permanent, and after some time, they start gaining weight even more. To keep you stay on the safe side, we have put together a list showing seven extremely unhealthy ways on how to lose 20 kg in a week which you should stay away from.

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1. Excessive Exercise

With the holidays fast approaching, people are now; trying their level best to shed the excess weight they gained during the period they were busy. As a result, some plans to add a weight loss program in their schedule which involves working out. Many of them will do so in the eleventh hour which most of the time usually has a span of one week hence it means that 90% of the week they will be heavily engrossed in their work out routine. Working out and keeping fit is good for the body but excessive exercise is an unhealthy way to lose 10 kg’s in one week. It comes with tones of adverse effects to your body. For example, it weakens your immune system which means that you are prone to more sicknesses, increased injury and also insomnia which is quite unhealthy since as we all know sleep boasts myriads of benefits to your well being. Therefore trying to lose 10 kg’s in 1 week through excessive exercise is a method of weight loss you should stay away from.

2. Skipping meals

This is another common way which people use to lose 10 Kgs in one week. Although many people especially beauty pageant models term it as sensible, it is incredibly unhealthy. We all know the importance of food to our bodies, and when we skip meals so many times in a row, our metabolism slows down, and our system tends to cut down on the essential body fats such as water weight instead of the calories you are trying to lose. Instead of skipping critical meals, take each meal in small portions. It is not only safer but also helps you lose the extra kilos, though it may take time, the results are permanent and more beautiful.

3. Diet Pills

We have all heard about them, seen them and even in some cases lived with people who use them. When incorporated in a weight loss program as supplements, they are quite healthy. Nonetheless, some people tend to overdo drugs and pills especially when they have an event or something special coming up; they tend to take them in excess so they can at least lose 10 kg’s in one week which is not advisable at all.

4. Narcotics

The use of narcotics to lose weight fast has been prevalent since time immemorial, and cocaine has always been on the A list of such drugs as it tends to suppress hunger and appetite for many days hence leading to rapid weight loss. Other stimulants are also abused by models, celebrities and other prominent people in our society who want to shed the extra fats so as not to be criticized. The results are an addiction and even sometimes death as some end up overdosing. Therefore, it is not only unhealthy, and in many cases, it costs the lives of the users.

5. Carbohydrate restriction

It is a well-known fact that carbohydrates are essential to the functioning of the body. Nevertheless, they also cause one to gain extra weight and people who are trying to achieve tremendous weight loss in one week, tend to eliminate carbs from their diet. Doing so is not only unhealthy for you but also causes your metabolism to slow down which means that you may gain double the weight you have been trying so much to shed. Also, it leaves you with dry, cracked skin, sugar cravings among many other effects.

6. Excessive use of Laxatives

Laxatives come in handy when you are having problems such as constipation or bloating as they tend to loosen stool and increase bowel movements. Nonetheless, they have been under the wrong use lately with people using them even when they don’t have such problems. For instance, people trying to lose a certain amount in a specified period such as 10 kg’s in one week, but they don’t want to give up eating use laxatives to get rid of the food in their digestive system. Thanks to that, the digestive juices which had already been signaled by the brain remain with nothing to work on leading to a long string of problems such as ulcers, and also alters the internal mineral body balance.

7. Sauna

Saunas are an excellent way to refresh yourself every once in a while. The boast myriads of benefits such as flushing out toxins, helps cleanse the skin, lead to better sleep, and are an excellent way to pass the time, However, they also help burn calories, and that is why many people tend to take the last benefit overboard. For example, those who do not want to hit the gym and also who want instant went loss results tend to spend more than twenty hours in sauna and sweat suits to achieve the weight mark which they want. The practice is common among athletes and runway models. Like many other methods listed above, it is extremely unhealthy and comes with a number of disadvantages for the body. For instance, the high temperatures put your life at risk and also cause dehydration. Hence you end up with a dry, unattractive skin and you even lose essential body fats such as water weight.


Hopefully after read through, you understand that losing weight can be easy and progressively without sacrificing or damaging your body negatively. Although it may be tough and takes lots of effort to make a change in your lifestyle, it is only wise to agree that only by implementing new living lifestyle, will you reap different results.


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how to lose 20kg in a week


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