shopify free trial 14 days

How To Make $100 Per Day With Shopify (Free + Shipping!) 2019-2020

shopify free trial 14 days

I’m going to be going over the basics of Shopify how it works and stuff like that because a lot of people are still asking me how it works what to do how they could make money with it and things like that so for the ones that have already joined the program and have already taken action and they’re already making money from this method this doesn’t apply to you. This article is for new reader that are interested to make money using shopify with this method.

In this article I’m going to cover really the very bare basics of how ecommerce and Shopify works and how you can get to 100 bucks a day. This is probably the easiest way really to get to $100 a day profit with this method so if your goal is 100 bucks profit a day like most of you guys asking me how you can make 100 bucks per day, this is what I really go based off you should really aim for higher if you can why not you know 500 bucks a day even higher than that the higher your goals the more chances you have of succeeding in life.

That’s what I’ve kind of come down to with my experiences and life. Does this work yes this works very good and it’s got a very high success rate and making money. There’s hundreds of ways to make money online I do SEO, Clickbank, Adsense websites, a lot of Facebook advertising for different affiliate products things like that and they all work and I like to have
multiple income streams but this method here has a very high success rate, you can build a business, you can build a brand it’s probably the easiest one to build a business and brand out of so
many ways that’s why I kind of really got into this because well those related two reasons you can build a brand you can build a business with this quite easily.

Why Shopify for DropShipping?

Well.. it has a 14 day trial so for 14 days you can try for free and if you don’t like it you can cancel. and if you don’t like this method you can cancel and move on to something else you don’t have to buy any courses to set this up, set up the shop or anything it’s all done for you and you can find some videos online to do that as well.

So let’s get into this and I’ll show you how this works so if you are new to this website, do check out other articles where I publish make money tutorials and courses to learn from.

How to make money online the Shopify method so this is how it works, what we do is if you go to a website called, you can use other dropshipping websites but this is the main one you do some research and find a product, then you create a store on Shopify.

This is the easiest to do and they also have a free trial for 14 days as I explained before so you create a store, you upload your product and then you simply advertise that product.

We’ll talk about pricing the product in a second regarding the best way to make a profit.

The idea behind dropshipping is you upload the product and aliExpress holds all the stock for you. You don’t hold any stock, they ship it out for you, it’s called drop shipping so you have a store then you advertise that product.

4 Powerful Traffic Advertising Platform (For DropShipping)

The four main advertising platforms for Dropshipping are: Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook is the main source of advertising for this and then Google’s quite big as well and then I’ll say Instagram and lastly Pinterest.

What happens is you advertise the product and then the people go to your Shopify store and they could possibly purchase your product once someone’s purchased your product, you go to Aliexpress, you key in the customer details and you order the product and the product gets sent to your customer and you take a profit, you take a cut and you keep that and that’s all yours so that’s how it works.

You are selling products that you don’t own but on your own store with your advertising methods which I’ve mentioned the four main ones and you make a profit. Now what’s the best way to make 100 bucks per day?

The best way is not to just do markups on products, not to price our products at a high price but free plus shipping. This is still the number one way to make money with Shopify.

All the Guru’s and everyone talking about Shopify talks about free plus shipping.

Most people who started out are making their money with free plus shipping. This is the most popular method, what you do is you find a cheap product and give it away for free then you charge for the shipping usually nine dollars or more.

I do between 9.99 and $14 99 to do different variations of the shipping price to see what converts better.


These are some examples of ones that I found on Facebook and in this ad you only pay for shipping for this charm bracelet.

Claim your free bracelet and it’s had over five and a half thousand likes or reactions

free + shipping facebook ads 2

this one here for three hundreds reactions.

So they’re giving away a lot of products and then making profit from the shipping only okay very simple method here it’s not very hard to figure it out, you give away a free product you charge for the shipping and then the real question is like

but why would people pay for shipping, and if they find out when they find it and that seems like a scam right people ask me those questions all the time but the fact of the matter is it works it doesn’t matter about the question it doesn’t matter about what you think it doesn’t matter if you think the free shipping is a scam it doesn’t matter if you think that people are going to be put off by it.


the only thing you need to worry about is that it works you can see from these pictures here


free-shipping-facebook-adsfree + shipping facebook ads 2

that’s all you need to worry about don’t worry about the negatives of it worry about the positives and move forward and you’ll start making some money.

Let’s do some quick calculations on this method right so you find a product here

product price

so this is an example here for sixty-eight cents they will charge you sixty-eight cents per product assuming you chose the most expensive necklace,

your advert conversions – this means how much you paid for the sale because you’ll be paying for the sale with Facebook.

I’ve taken facebook ads into context here because that’s the one that gets used the most so if you advertise it on Facebook and they charge you a dollar seventy per sale this is just an estimate. Since we’re using free plus shipping method,

you usually get cheaper advertising prices because you get more engagement on your stuff, you get more purchases and you generally just get better advertising costs

profit calculation

so let’s say on average you convert at a dollar seventy per sale, your shipping is $12.99 and

product cost 68 cents, net profit would be $10.61.

5 sales times that by five  you got 53 dollars profit,

times that by 10 you’ve got 106

times that by 15 you got 159 and you can keep going to keep going all you’ll need to do is make 10 sales a day.

that’s not very hard to do it to make 10,000. You made hundred dollars per day and if you make 10 sales a day at $100 profit you can make seven hundred dollars a week that’s more than most people’s income on the minimum wage or low wage.

10 sales.. it’s not very hard to achieve now and sometimes when you start it will be hard you need to find the right product when you find the right product and you’ve tested it and stuff like that you can get $10 10,000 per day no problem with this method. This method is easier to do than the method where you put a price on.

What I mean is like if you find a price for 50 bucks and you sell for 70 that’s called a markup that’s a lot harder it’s a lot easier if you have a more branded website or a more specific product but if you’re just doing kind of like whatever product you find in Aliexpress, this is the best way to do it if it’s cheap enough.

Now I’m just gonna cover Facebook Ads real quick since it’s the main one that people use.

facebook adverts method

what I do is I find a product or multiple products

I’ll start with multiple $5 per adverts per product or maybe five six seven eight nine ten really just depends on the market on the niche you need to do some research you can’t just jump into this thing and expect you going to be rich okay you need to do research.

If you do research well and you put in the hard time the hard work this could make you very rich it could make you your lifestyle a lot better and you know most online things like how much money people make online and stuff a lot of them seems like bullshit but if you go online and you will see people were actually doing very well with this.

It’s working and it’s working well and the stay-at-home mum that are tuning this into businesses and things like that.

This is a very good FB method. I let them sit for three or five days to kind of season see what’s up let them optimize see if people make interest in them see if they’re engaging, see if we’re getting sales if kind of after three days I’m not really getting an engagement I will probably end the advert but if it’s still getting engagement I’ll let them keep going from a few more days five or six days then I’ll see if I get any sales, take the ones that have made sales and scale them even if you’ve made one sale just you can let it sit for few more days or you can take your $5 a day budget and put it to $7 or $6.00 just go up and little little amounts each day and you should start seeing sales coming.

If you get to the point where it’s 10 days 11 days of not making sale you haven’t made more you’re just wasting money then go to another product. If you’ve made no sales at all when you’re testing then try a different niche or product every single day.

People Do Buy Products!

I get emails and I get so many of them people saying I’ve made no sales I spend 100 bucks I’ve spent $200 I’ve made no sales the number one problem is it’s not your advertising it’s not the people it’s probably the product or the targeted users Facebook is targeting based on your targeting selection on Facebook but even if you mess up your targeting you should be able to get a sale even if it’s like semi-related to the user so it’s usually the product.

People just aren’t interested in the product but when you get the right product in front of the right people that people are interested in you’ll soon see the snowball and you’ll start to make quite a good amount of money so this is the basic set of Facebook ads now what I’m good there’s not much more to this method it’s very straightforward.

Drop-Shipping Blueprint For Success! 2019 – 2020

shopify blueprint

What you do is you just follow this blueprint here so you find the researcher product put the product on the Shopify and then you advertise the product on an advertising platform of  your choice it doesn’t have to be these ones it could just be somewhere where you get traffic and they go to your Shopify store buy the product, you put the order in on Aliexpress or whatever website you like to use with the customer details they send the product to the customer you don’t touch it you make a profit.

So now you need is to take action if you are interested in doing this type of stuff that’s the  biggest block wall everybody hits. They don’t take action. Even if you waste $200 or $300 or $400 it doesn’t work out for you at least you tried in the grand scheme of things two or three hundred dollars isn’t a lot of money nowadays it’s really not so if you know I spend money every day on things that don’t work it’s okay to fail but if you don’t try you don’t know so take action now.

Recap Summary (This Stuff Works! Made Multi-millions with this blueprint)

if you’ve seen this stuff before then this article probably has no interest for you at all but this is for the guys that are new to dropshipping and this is the stuff we talk about making money online especially the Shopify method right now so this method is still strong even after a year later this method is still very strong still money to be made still businesses to build and get on it if you want to take some action this is probably the most successful method I’ve seen.

You know I’ve done a lot of Facebook advertising with affiliate products I still do it sometimes but it’s a lot harder this is a lot easier because you’re advertising legit products. There’s nothing stopping you from doing that on Facebook, while with affiliate products it’s a bit different you get banned and stuff like that and it’s not really the best scenario so take action go through this article again if you like scroll here and there if you don’t understand and just go through this blueprint it’s very simple to understand once you get the hang of it.


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