Can You Make Money Dropshipping with Shopify? (Start making $100 – $1000/Day)

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You can, if you could get a hang of what is happening and what you would need to do, there are hundreds of dollars if not thousands that you could earn by doing just that. Like everything on the online platforms there are opportunities for everyone but you would need to learn the intricacies and when you do so, the dollars would start flowing in. But before that you would need to start somewhere and when you do, having a grasp of what it is and going about it prudently would be the best way forward.

Thousands of people around the world are presently doing it, in fact when you are reading this there are many transactions being successfully completed and money changing hands. It is not just a few dollars but thousands. There are a few cool guys who buy products on Aliexpress and then sell them on Shopify. The crux of the matter is, if they could do it, why not you. These transactions that they do are not for charity but at a higher rate than their purchase price, and that is incidentally a business where they make a profit. They do all that without much ado too with the minimum of investment.

On the contrary you would find many others too, who would be trying but failing and would had no success at all. They would have tried but failed so there are always two sides to the same coin. That goes for Dropshipping and Shopify too.

If you talk to the two sides, the people who were successful and the people who were failures you could find out what went wrong and where for the latter, who could not emulate what the former did. The latter would be disgusted and probably blame Shopify for their failure but it would not be the case but it would be that they would have got on the wrong foot when they started on the endeavor. Shopify could not be wrong but needs to be approached on the right wavelength.

The failures would have missed the one vital and key principle that they would need to master before they could make success work for them on the Dropshipping business. If you too get on the same wrong foot and forget to take note of that key principle, you too could be facing the same predicament. You too would not see one successful sale go through and not make that vital first dollar.

So pull your socks up and ensure you have what it takes to be successful on the Dropshipping Shopify business and make those thousands of dollars all those successful people are making out there. But before that follow that vital and key principle which would get you there at the winning post.

Here is that vital and key principle

The vital and key principle that you would need to follow would be to pick the perfect niche market in which your presence would be continuously noticed by your customers. They would follow you only if you are in one popular and vibrant niche in their minds. They would begin to trust you and follow, and when they need to buy they would first look you uo before going anywhere else.

If you are selling all types of products, say clothing, power tools, baby items, phones, tablets, furniture and many others they would not come to you. They would take you for a seller who is just desperate to make money but not to offer and good service. Buyers want to interact with you learn from you, see what advice you could give them and also pick up some vital points from and many more.

Dropshipping business on Shopify is not just selling anything and everything, it is more to do with building relationships with your customers and ensure they become regulars to your site. Give them what they are interested in and from them the word of mouth advertising that you would get would surely benefit you. There are no restrictions as to what you could sell but it is your prerogative to be prudent and pick what your customers would like. Give them a choice but do not confuse them. Take what their interests are and try to cater to their tastes, if you could manage that you could always be successful.

Try to pick a few brands and offer those to your customer give them a good selection but within those selected brands and when they are convinced that what you offer them is what they would like and also prefer they would engage with you. Build on that and when you have customers who have engaged with keep them close and offer them the products to fit their profile. There is an old saying the “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush”, so keep that in mind,

Whilst you look for new customers and bring them to your niche market, do not let your old customers lose interest in you. Keep them interested and ensure they engage with you, for that offer them what they would want. Know who your customers are, profile them and have your database up to date.

Which niche market you would work is where you could turn the tide towards you. Select the most profitable but don’t forget that there are others too who would be working on the same lines. Hence you would need to be proactive and always willing to offer something special to your customers which others would not be able to. You may need to compromise on your profit margins sometimes, but you should do well on the overall turnover.

The Dropshopping Shopify business would grow immensely in the next few years, so be ready to take your share too. You could do so if you follow your heart and select the right niche and work tirelessly towards success.

If you stick to this vital and key principle, success would be all yours. GOOD LUCK!


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