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Who is this a fit for?

Coaches, experts, service businesses, practitioners, speakers, online marketers, artists, and professionals in transition.

We get lots of newbies looking to become a coach or expert and lots of veterans looking to build a coaching business that’s lifestyle friendly and makes a bigger impact.

What’s the outcome and goal of the program?

The goal of this program is to help you to earn a steady and predictable income every month, ranging from 10k, 20k, and even 100k per month, while spreading your message to millions.

250k PLUS per month comes into Ted’s business ALL through online sales made over the phone ranging from 2k to 46k, and they are ALL group programs. (This doesn’t include launches or seminars that he do.)

What’s the structure of the program?

Phase 1: Help you to Find Your Life Story and Message, Create a Group Coaching Program that frees up your Time, and Learn How To Enroll 10 Clients (offline) that pay you what you are worth. (in 30-90 Days is the goal)

Phase 2: Once your basic foundation is set, then we teach you how to set up a marketing funnel that will deliver those same high end clients every month, without chasing clients, for a predictable income of 10k, 20k, or 100k (or beyond) per month.

What are the modules in the program and the 7 weeks of live training with Ted?

Module 1: Finding your life story to connect, inspire, and attract your dream clients

Module 2: Crafting and Communicating your message to captivate your clients with a powerful outcome that will change their lives

Module 3: Creating the foundational 5-7 steps of your content that will help you coach, teach, and transform your client’s lives.

Module 4: Structuring and Pricing Your Programs to get paid like the Pro’s and work less while earning more

Module 5: Where to find and sign up 10 dream clients in 30-90 days for immediate cash flow and impact

Module 6: The Enrollment System: How to stand in your value, charge what you’re worth, and easily enroll high end clients.

Module 7: The Dream Clients Delivered Marketing System: How to build an online marketing machine, that books an endless stream of free consultations, with high end clients chasing after you and signing up for your coaching programs or services.

What are the PLC videos and training about?

Video 1 Message To Millions Blueprint: Find Your Life Story and Message So You Can Get Your Dream Clients Delivered To You and Earn A Predictable Monthly Income While Changing The World.

Video 2 Packaging and Pricing Framework: How to Package, Price, and Structure Your Coaching programs to enroll your dream clients and build a lifestyle friendly business

Video 3 Dream Clients Delivered Formula: My Proven 6 Step Formula That Delivers Dream Clients To You So You Never Have To Chase Clients Or Network Again

Webinar: 7 Steps To Sign Up 10 Dream Clients and Make Six Figures Working less and earning more

Livestream: My Proven Online Marketing System To Get Your Dream Clients Delivered To You and Earn Between $2,000 and $46,000 per client. (Join me and 4 Experts as we share the Top 5 Marketing Secrets To Get Your Dream Clients Delivered Month after Month)

Ask Me any Question and Get Coached on How To Earn A Predictable Monthly Income and Get Your Dream Clients Delivered To You Today.

Download the Message To Millions Blueprint for FREE here

My friend Ted believes that the world is waiting to hear your story and message, and it’s time for you to stop waiting to get your dream clients.

You are good enough, and the time is now.

When you download the message to millions blueprint, there is a full length video training, that walks you through…

=> The # 1 secret to finding your life story that helps you stand out to your dream clients

(Ted, has a one man play, Good Enough, where he plays 10 characters on stage, so he knows story)

=> The big mistake that prevents coaches, service businesses, and experts from clearly communicating their message in a way that inspires their dream clients

=> The key to creating coaching programs that give you time and money freedom for your lifestyle friendly, dream business

=> Ted’s proven method for getting dream clients delivered every single day while sharing his message with millions

If you are struggling to get dream clients that you love working with, this Message to Millions blueprint is the answer.

It all starts with your story and your message, to set you up with a business flooded with dream clients.

Ted overdosed from drugs and alcohol at the age of 21, and he says, “My message and my dreams almost dies inside of me.”

Don’t let your message and your dreams die.

Download the Message To Millions Blueprint and start living your dreams serving your dream clients with your story and message. Read here for more on bringing your message to millions!

The new celebrity in the world today is the coach, service business, practitioner, expert, consultant, and speaker with a life story and message that makes an impact.

Go get your dream clients and your dreams here.

Your story matters,


Zion Hanson

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