One Product Challenge Review 2021: You may not want to miss it.

What is One Product Challenge by

One Product Challenge is a 14-day program created by Matt Clark and his team. The goal is to find a perfect product to sell particularly on Amazon in order to have high sales and maximum profit.


Matt Clack founded, a training organization that trains people how to start an e-commerce business based on the Amazon marketplace. Additionally, created the world’s most recognized Amazon training program, Amazing Selling Machine.


I have used their methods effectively when I have sourced products for my Amazon store using product research.

Yes to Challenge.

Why does the product matter most in Amazon’s business?


In Amazon, an excellent product is the single most important factor for your business’ success. If you end up sourcing a sub-par product, no one will buy it.


What are the characteristics of a good amazon seller product?

  1. Not too much competition
  2. Enough demand
  3. High quality

If you choose a product that people will love, it will be easy to sell.

You must believe in your product, for if you do not do so, your customers will not, and the chances of failure increase.

Another important aspect is that the product doesn’t have too much competition. Avoiding competition altogether on Amazon is impossible, but there are still ways to find products with less competition.

What do you need to start a successful amazon seller business?

  1. A product to sell
  2. A place to sell it on
  3. An audience to sell it to

Where to sell? Amazon is the best choice because they handle everything – from accepting payments to shipping.

Also, Amazon has hundreds of millions of visitors who come from around the globe every day to buy.

All that remains is to find the right product to sell.

In Amazing’s brand-new 14-day One Product Challenge, my friends will help you do just that.


Here’s what your next 14 days will look like:



Why picking the right product to launch is critical to building your business and will save you from making costly mistakes long term


Creating Your Brand
Why you must adopt a brand mentality and serve ONE specific audience to achieve sustainable success
 (Plus, how to find your brand inspiration!)


Successful Product Criteria
What criteria your product needs to meet in order to beat the competition and return great profits


Products and Categories to Avoid at All Costs
Save yourself time, wasted money, lawsuits, and interventions from Amazon by sidestepping problematic products all together


Finding Product Opportunities (Part 1)
Learn the extensive research method and financial metrics that 7-figure Amazon Sellers use to identify viable product opportunities
(Includes our Product Opportunity Workbook with a profit calculator so you can organize your search and know exactly what your ROI would be with each product!) 


Finding Product Opportunities (Part 2)
Create a list of 20 or more opportunities based on the 5 critical elements every product must have to succeed on Amazon


Finding Product Opportunities (Part 3)
What deciding factors to consider when comparing products and narrowing down your list of opportunities before contacting suppliers


How to Innovate a Better Product
Make your product stand out from the rest by tapping into customer insights hiding in plain sight


Finding and Contacting Suppliers
How to find credible vendors with high-quality production and develop win-win relationships for your growth over time
(Use our professionally-written email templates to communicate with potential suppliers and get the best price for your products…even if you’ve never negotiated before.)

DAY 10

Calculating Shipping and Final Costs
Run the numbers and choose your most profitable product opportunity!
(Comes with resources to quote local and international shipping costs by air and sea to get accurate profit estimates.)

DAY 11

Performing a Patent Search
What to look for in a patent search so you don’t get sued or have your business unexpectedly pulled out from under you

DAY 12

Ordering and Evaluating Samples
Compare your product quality and packaging to your competitors’ in order to create a better customer experience.

DAY 13

Placing Your First Inventory Order
Learn the simple forecasting formula to determine how much inventory you should order (and when to place your next one!)

DAY 14

Next Steps to Generate Life Changing Income
How launching one product can lead to 6-figure monthly sales or a 7-figure exit if you ever decide to sell your business


Are you ready for the challenge?

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