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Zion here with my ProductDyno Reviews – In this new era where technology drives virtually everything, almost everything can be bought online for sale with attractive pricing. Selling of products online ranging from baby’s diapers to the technical ones like digital products has reached its peak.

Digital product creation – Why selling it online?

This is largely due to the growing traffic of potential buyers online. If you are struggling to find a delivery platform for the sale of your digital products ranging from an online e-book to videos, plug-ins and software solutions, then getting access to a digital product delivery platform is your best solution to selling online. Continue reading my ProductDyno review and you will understand why it will be your mate in fulfilling your entrepreneur dreams.

Online sales have been tried and tested since the advent of e-commerce. Moreover, online sales have been approached with the same concept as offline sales, only with a few tweaks. A large number of the entrepreneurs use the web search to promote their business online. This means that potential buying customers are also available on the internet looking for products and services. Now, by tapping into the platform which helps at digital product creation, your sales will start to double, triple and limitless, depending on the number of products or services you would like to sell. Sales become boundless and your business model now expands. Whether you are a genius at digital product creation or not, ProductDyno will make your life easier.

A strong online presence is crucial to your marketing success. Your online presence revolutionizes your business by reinforcing your brand and your target market. It is also vital for both inbound and outbound marketing. And now, buckle up as I am going to give you everything you need to know in this ProductDyno reviews.

First, Let’s Take A Look At The Testimonial!

What is ProductDyno?

ProductDyno is a flexible digital product delivery system which helps you to deliver digital product online created by Simon and Jeremy. This is one of the new products coming out in 2017 by promote labs, promote inc. This means that if you have any digital product ranging from info products, PDF e-books, a video training systems, a WordPress plugin, desktop software or even web-based SAS application, you can deliver it through ProductDyno. Product Dyno will help you to deliver it to your audience securely and also give you a wide choice of third-party integration like file hosting services, payment processors, email service provider and other applications you need to sell your product effectively. It also helps you with licensing digital products before you sell them. This gives you an extra boost to create digital products and sell them online.

What this can do for you:


  • Using ‘Collection’ to build up your membership site – I personally believe that this feature is the most useful one because I can place several products that I have created in a ‘Collection’, making my life EASIER by having the ability to upsell many offers and cluster them all in one collection. For example “Complete guide to losing weight” where I have other offers ranging from “Best diet to lose weight”, “Top 15 exercises to build a 6 pack abs”, “10minutes cardio to burn fat fast”… you get the idea. Then, each individual customers will be granted access to different type of collection accordingly to offers they paid for. I have used ClickFunnels and I have to send different links to my customers just for him to create himself a new account and have access to the different products I upsell with, and with this, I can just gain him the access to a product with the offers he additionally bought. Simple, clear-cut, this is what we need to manage our products and focus more on sales. Business is sales. Remember it guys. It freed up my time.


  • Custom URL with Domain & Access – you can get your own domain or sell through the Product Dyno domain without the need of a WordPress site. It has all the features required to provide content and services to your users. All your customers have to do is to login into your product dyno membership area and they will see the products they have bought! There are many other product delivery websites but very few give such flexibility! We can even decide if a certain product is for paid customers via our preferred platform, public access which means that anyone who has access to a certain product URL without login or registration, or free access to anyone who signed up to access the protected delivery area.


  • Compatible with most popular payment platforms – One of the distinctive features that set it apart from the rest is the simplistic setup features to add payment platform to your product. And most importantly, the ability to integrate with third-party payment gateways such as:


how to create a digital product for clickbank

Not only is there integrations with third-party payment platform, I realized that we can even setup the pricing to be different on a various platform you sell on with different links. Save the hassle of changing the price of the product. I can have a certain pricing on both Clickbank and JvZoo, and another on Warrior Plus.

  • Product Deliverables – There is no limitation on the number of downloads or customers in the place. So if you are thinking of launching your own digital product and create digital product fast now, or thinking about migrating your products online, you don’t need to worry about it because you can integrate your Product Dyno account with online storage such as Amazon S3, whether videos, audios or PDF. Not to worry about external content leaking out, as long as the external content is linked to your product domain access, only verified users can access the content pages, or they will be directed to the login page. Furthermore, you can have the links set up with a time-restriction, so when someone wants to share it away, that link will expire!

  • Automation – Create digital products requires a lot of time and concentration and if you plan on creating them continuously then you need to stop worrying about the sale of your previous product. This is possible with Product Dyno as it allows integration with Autoresponder. It allows you to choose which autoresponder funnels you will want the subscriber to be in when they bought your product and you can focus on planning how to create digital products fast. This way, you can keep interacting with your customers and provide more value added services to them through email. It also allows integration with SMTP servers for transactional emails. This potentially allows you to scale fast and facilitates management.

  • Product customization: Not to worry about your product looking dull and boring. The main dashboard has a feature called ‘Customise’ where you can change your product logo, the theme, and will be opening up soon for developers to build their own themes and add into it. Favicon, audio/video players colour can even be customized too. Last but not least, you can edit the colours and fonts of your emails like the Welcome email when they bought your product, the Reset password email, the expiring soon email when their login account is expiring, or the access revoked email when they refunded the product.

  • Licensing digital products: We can protect our WordPress plugins or desktop software if we are selling it by using this feature. This allows us to set the number of licenses the user will be getting when he bought the product. This way, we can make sure he is only limited to a certain number of download he will be getting for his sites.



Start securing your digital assets now! It’s time you take advantage of the new system for you.


  • Restriction of access at your fingertips: product dyno makes it possible for you to save yourself from spammers who buy the whole product and then refund it after a few minutes. You can opt to deny a particular member from the products, reducing the chances of getting your sales abused.


  • Creating digital product with ‘Content’: With few clicks, we can edit the product with the addition of audios, videos, images, text, and even more. We can even set up drip settings where we select subsections of the product to be available for a certain number of days. Not bad after all. That is the power of Product Dyno.
  • Clicks away – Setting up the modules is simple and the speed to deploy short video courses or PDF is surprisingly faster than other platforms. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a technical engineer to use it.


  • Tracking of leads- It helps to keep a full track of all your customers by creating a member account for each of them. You can access it by ‘Product Dashboard’- ‘Members’ where you can add, search or edit members.


  • No more self-update: The advantages are that there will not be any update or installation being required here. It is web-based and even capable of delivering SaaS services. The amount of time and investment we saved from using it far outweigh all the products subscription or WordPress plugins we have bought all together. Have a look at the demo video!

Some questions you guys will have in mind, 

  • How to use Productdyno, Where to buy ProductDyno cheaply?
  • Is Product Dyno worth it? Is Product Dyno value for money?
  • Is ProductDyno a Scam? How good is the support team when I met with issues?
  • Is ProductDyno new? How reliable is PromoteLab?

Rest assured that PromoteLab is a legitamate company with various products having great sales number. This link will provide all the answers to your ‘How to’ questions as well as other products. Have a look!

I Rate This Product As A 9.5 Out Of 10 Stars


As the product is still new, there are still some features that needed a few tweak here and there. And precisely that is also the reason for the high score because that means that there will be constant improvement made to the product, and the amount of attention being placed on it will give you the assurance that they will take good care of their customers.


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creating digital products

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So are you ready to create your own product and start getting lots of sales?

Product Dyno is the new no.1 platform to help you to manage your products better, saving your time for what really matters!

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