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Today We have a very Special Guest, Katherine sharing her story on overcoming her weight loss adversity. I met her on one of the fitness seminars where she was one of the speakers to share about her life. I thought this might be helpful to some of you, so decided to invite her over to write an article for all of you.
Please sit back and enjoy, may this help you in your journey to becoming a stronger you.


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My story – How I Overcome all the Odds and Challenges of being overweight despite losing my relationship:

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When I was a teenager, as well as my first years of adulthood, I was skinny. I could fit into jeans all the way from my school days, and they were still a perfect fit. I was slim and confident and beautiful, and I loved looking that way. My husband, when we were dating, told me a few times every day how beautiful I was, and how much he loved my body.


After a few years of us dating, we decided to leap, and we got married. At 25, my life was perfect, and I had everything I thought I wanted.


We got married and after a few months of absolute bliss decided to start trying for a baby. This was the last piece of the puzzle for me. I had everything I thought I’d want in life.


I had my amazing career, my brilliant, kind, husband, and my entire life, including my body. I was on top of the world. And things only got better once I got pregnant. My husband and I were overjoyed and did everything we could to prepare.


We got bassinets; we made lists of names, I was more careful of practically everything in my life. And when my baby girl was born, I was overjoyed. It seemed like things could simply not be better. Then everything went bad.


The thing about being pregnant is that you don’t notice how you look anymore, or you simply don’t care as much about it as before, seeing you have a living child in your belly and that takes precedence over much anything else.


I noticed the swelling ankles and the gradual changes in the shape of my body, but I simply assumed that all this was just a simple phase and that once I gave birth things would automatically revert to the previous state of being. The thing was that this was a mistaken assumption.


I waited a month, then, two, and finally, almost a year for my body to go back to its slim and beautiful shape it had once had. However, it just did not do so. I had all these needless pounds on my body, and I hated it. I looked at my pictures from the past and made resolutions to get back to that state of being as soon as I could.


And I tried, my god, I tried so hard…


I cut down on my food consumption.


Gone were the days of eating everything that was put in front of me, now I counted calories, went by the healthiness of the food over the taste or flavour of it.


My confidence also took a terrible hit. Not being able to fit into the apparel of my old clothing, or run around in high heels anymore, or just being fat made me feel insecure.


I hated the feelings of envy and jealousy that coursed through me when I saw a thinner woman walk past, and this was only made worse when my body simply refused to lose any weight at all.


I hated looking at myself in a mirror. I hated the glances that seemed to follow my ugly body now, and I most definitely hated feeling frumpy and unattractive to everyone else, as well as my lack of graceful movement anymore. I hated having these pounds poured onto me.


It did more than damage my confidence in myself.

This sudden weight gain seemed to turn me from an utterly desirable woman into some boring, ugly stranger. My husband never seemed to notice me, and I ghosted past him, trying to keep my days occupied, and always trying to lose weight. It just didn’t seem to work, and I got more and more depressed thanks to being flabby.


All my insecurities boiled into my life, and I lost friends thanks to the way I was acting.

When I took my daughter to her preschool classes, I’d look at the other mothers, most of them thin and elegant, and I’d feel ashamed, not just because of my being fat, but also thanks to my daughter. She might not have understood anything now, but someday, she was going to understand my looks and feel ashamed of me as well. And that was something else that was completely painful even to try and think about.


At this juncture, I was super desperate to find a solution to my problem. I was ready to look anywhere, do anything necessary to get my body back.


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It was at this black time in my life did my friend Carrie help me out.


I can still remember the state of mind I was in right then. I was utterly hopeless, and I needed help. She visited me one day and saw the evidence of my trying to lose my flab, as well as the extent to which my body’s excess weight had also changed the way I lived.


She tutted at how messy my room was, the lack of care I’d given my hair and make-up, as well as the boring clothes I was dressed in.


She practically pushed me into my bedroom, slammed the door, and grabbed me by the shoulders and while shaking them, she asked me what had happened. I told her all about the baby weight, and how no matter what I tried, I was just not able to lose it.


She rolled her eyes and then told me the thing that would change my life. In the beginning, I didn’t even believe her. I told her that if it had indeed been that easy, I would have lost the weight months ago, and asked her to leave before she made things worse, not that things could be much worse for me anyway.


Red Tea Detox- The Product

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She then opened her purse and pulled out a picture that completely shocked me. It showed her and her son, who looked to be a few months old, and she was as big as an elephant in that picture.


I was stunned. How could she have gone from that kind of a body to the thin one that she had right now? She was probably laughing at my face, thanks to the mix of incredulousness, disbelief, and jealousy that was flowing through my body that very instant. And she held it out to me, the Red Tea Detox miracle that would change my life again.


She told me she had found the tea in Africa, and in the beginning, she had been just as sceptical as me of using the tea. But then, realizing she had nothing to lose, she went ahead and began taking it.


Soon, she was shocked to see the pounds melting off of her with no issue at all, and she was overjoyed. It was a fast process, and she was losing practically a pound every day! In a matter of two months, she had her old slim figure back, and everything started going right again.


She regained her self-confidence almost immediately, and everything else in her life fixed itself…


Carrie was an old friend and had always been on my side, as well as someone who was very helpful to me whenever I needed her. So despite my scepticism, as well as my lack of hope to be thinner, I decided to go ahead and drink the tea, and go on a red tea detox, where I hoped I could at least relax with a cup of aromatic tea.


So I drank it a few times every day and again, despite me being a cynic about it. And slowly but surely, you could see the weight slipping off.


The Way Red Tea Detox Worked: I Will Never Forget

At first, it wasn’t at all obvious to anyone, but after two weeks of taking the tea, the neighbour who used to whistle at me and this day, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back without being rude and wanted just to ignore him, so I left.


But that evening, I went back to my house and looked at myself in the mirror. I just stood in front in barely veiled shock and looked at my reflection.


The pounds were practically melting off, and I mentally thanked Carrie for all the help she had given, as well as the hope she had brought into my life with her red tea detox program.


red tea detox transformation final

Soon, after several weeks, which is a month or so, I could fit into my old clothes, and I looked almost exactly like myself as I had appeared in the past. My husband was also overjoyed by this rapid transformation in my body, and he was pleased. My life was slowly going to back to the way it was before my daughter had been born.


However, I realized not everyone had a friend like my Carrie in their life so. Therefore, I decided that everyone deserved a chance like this to improve their body, and regain their lives back, along with their confidence as well as I had managed to do so, so I wanted to tell everyone about this miraculous cure to my fatness. And yes, while it may sound too good to be true, it is legitimate. For those who might want or need some recommendation to try the red tea detox, I thought that if I wrote a post like this, it might help you.


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Feature details:

Firstly, red tea detox is a variety of tea, made from the herbs and leaves grown in Africa which are well renowned for their ability to help people lose excess weight. They are also great for those who just like drinking tea, as well its lack of calories in it. Thus, the red tea detox is the most useful and simple way for you to lose weight and get your beautiful and thinner body back as soon as you can, along with your confidence.

By taking it twice a day, I began by steeping the leaves in water, then depending on my tastes, made it strong tea or delicate. Thanks to the various properties of this tea, it is the best to be used for any work that involves the need to lose weight.


Those who can and should use this product:

This is ideal for all those who need to lose weight quickly, and without too much difficulty. The tea is not expensive either, and it can be made by items that are probably in your house, and even if they aren’t, they should be able to be found in the nearby supermarkets. Thus, it is highly simple to make as well, once you do get all the needed ingredients, as well as the recipe, neither of which are pricey at all.

Pros and cons:

There is nothing but pros. It helped me lose weight after trying for so long, it is much cheaper than anything on the market, the quality is great, and it is completely organic! It was so healthy that I drank it multiple times a day without any fear for my health or my body. It even helped reduce the migraines I had as well as the overall body fat I had.

My Experience:

I used the tea quite a few times a day, and truly enjoyed its taste and flavour. Apart from the side benefits, it was too useful for me to lose weight with. I had been so fat and had felt so ugly before starting this, but after my red tea detox, I was perfectly pleased.

I was losing a pound a day almost, thirty pounds in a month, and by the end of two months, I was back in form and fitness levels was high as well.

I could fit into my old wardrobe again, and my husband started seeing me as an attractive woman again finally. This has completely changed my life for the better.


red tea detox weight loss



My Recommendation:

I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to lose weight without any issues, or with ease. The price is a bargain as well, with it being thirty-seven US dollars.

This is cheap for such a solution! Best of all, the product comes with a guarantee as to how, if you are dissatisfied, you will get a refund, no questions asked at all! So don’t miss out on this marvellous opportunity. Only you can shape your life, and if you think you look too fat, get yourself the red tea detox program, and become beautiful again!

In Addition: If you buy it now, it comes with 5 Bonuses to fast track your weight loss journey at ease!! (Worth $800!)


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You Do Not Want To Miss Out Over $800 Worth Of Value!

The Program:

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