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My PerkZilla Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

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I have always wondered if there was anyway or rather if there was any trick that could speed up and spread my blog posts and the launches of my new products. I mean, a way to boost my marketing power, catapult my mail list so that I could reach out to a larger audience beyond my confines.

The growth of my mail list and market adoption has been low until I came across PerkZilla platform. Ever since, my mail list, traffic, visitors and even leads have never remained the same!


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BREAKING THE ICE: Why I Decided To Buy PerkZilla Unlimited


Here’s my PerkZilla Review based on my own personal experience.

Before now I had been among those who have difficulty spreading their businesses across the web or globe. This might be because I lacked dominance over the highly competitive web world or rather because my marketing strategy is not strong enough.

About six months ago I came across PerkZilla platform, which was designed to help the business grow, stay competitive, and improve their marketing strategy. I tried researching more about the platform on the internet, but couldn’t get anything more concrete. I, however, decided to give the platform a shot. And that was all!

Having used the platform for a while now, I realised that a little or nothing of this great platform has really been said. And I can imagine how many business owners are missing out. That’s why I have decided to write this review.

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PerkZilla is a platform designed to help grow business and marketing level. It helps spread out the word about your upcoming product launches, grow your email list, create a competitively ambitious environment where you can gather faithful customers that will become your craziest advocates. This will rapidly boost your products and services, as well as your brand via word of the mouth. More importantly, it will catapult your sales and market dominance.

I had no inkling about the platform but only because I desired to generate the more traffic, the more subscribers, and to create a large community of interesting audience, I decided to try PerkZilla after reading about it and watching the demo.

PerkZilla has been my top choice because I use it to automatically optimize my content to premium level, create bonuses in exchange for subscribers and social networking.

It will encourage visitors to subscribe for your lead magnets such as discount coupons to capture leads and then give away bonuses and rewards when new subscribers share your offer with their friends, family, and followers on social media. This will rapidly boost your products and services, as well as your brand via word of the mouth. More importantly, it will catapult your sales and market dominance.

It offers a compelling prize or targeted incentives when a visitor enters your gateway with their email. They are encouraged to refer to others for additional entries and other perks and rewards. All of this is done on autopilot!

So if you are a business owner, it’s the perfect time for you to reach a wider audience.


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perkzilla review

PerkZilla helps you update your content and integrate it with your existing landing pages. This is how it works. It only requires a simple copy and paste of code to your blog post, landing page or an HTML site. PerkZilla will now integrate it with your existing autoresponders landing pages, and templates. That’s all.

Data Reporting Panel is also included to measure your traffic growth and the effectiveness of PerkZilla platform. The Track Page URL included is also there to measure your performance.

There’s a customizable template for website launches. PerkZilla works with any page that supports HTML form code whether you use WordPress, blogger, Optimizepress, Clickfunnel or any other similar platform.

The first time I used PerkZilla to integrate my blog post, the result was very amazing. It was beyond what I had anticipated.

key features

Let me brief you about the benefits I get from using PerkZilla platform:

  • It was very easy, faster and fun to use

PerkZilla doesn’t require any complex coding. Also, you do not need to install or to configure anything. It was designed as a plug and play software to add a very powerful sign-up referred system to any site. This will increase immensely your sign-ups.

  • Auto Triggered Rewards

The emails are fully customized and they are triggered and sent when the users hit a predetermined referral no. TYou can customize the trigger emails. For instance, it sends emails when the users referred 5 others. PerkZilla can be used to send an unlimited email in each campaign.

This is an opportunity for you to motivate the users to refer more of the visitors to your campaign.

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  • Sharing the Social network

PerkZilla employs the power of word-of-mouth referral via social media. Henceforth, you won’t just get signups, there’s an accelerated list building feature to ensure that each new subscriber brings in an average of 3 new subscribers.

  • Advanced Fraud Protection

PerkZilla platform is absolutely installed with the advanced fraud detection and the prevention centre. Suspicious and fraudulent signups activity are being constantly monitored. It has really helped me prevent spammers and other users from abusing my campaign rewards.

  • Awesome Data Reporting

PerkZilla helps me track the performance of my campaign. There’s an excellent data reporting panel that does the tracking. I can also see visitor metrics, vital lead, and direct lead attribution, as well as the viral multiplier also results of my campaigns.

Through the data reporting panel, I can easily identify my top referrers or influencers. There’s also a Tracking Page URL for adding a welcome message on the separate page. This has helped me with Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixels.

  • Autoresponder Integrations

I have been able to add my new subscriber leads to automatically to my mailing list. PerkZilla clicks and copy integrations work with the autoresponder services so that I can add new subscribers. You can use the different autoresponders and the different lists within your autoresponder for each campaign.



I could have easily introduced you to another platform similar to what PerkZilla offers so that you can see how powerful and affordable PerkZilla is. But I’m yet to find any similar platform worthy of such comparison. I will update this review as soon as I figure that out.



PerkZilla has really helped me with an effective viral marketing. As far as I know, PerkZilla is one of the most effective ways to market product or service for great results.

PerkZilla makes it easy to integrate into any webpage. This means that you are not limited to ordinary templates. You only need to do some copy and paste of a single line of code to add a viral referral system.

Since PerkZilla helps you acquire new subscribers, encourage and put forward some incentives to them so that they can share your links with others, there’s a huge profit-boosting or better return on your acquisition cost.

There;s another benefit attached to using PerkZilla. There is a heavy discount LIFETIME account with zero ongoing annual or monthly fee. This is the best period to tap from the offers this platform has to offer.


There will be some form of bias if I do not balance my review on PerkZilla. Therefore, there’s a need to tell you some disadvantages that come with using PerkZilla platform. However, in my quest to figure out the limits of the platform, I’m yet to find any tangible result.

The only thing I wish the platform could offer is to increase the duration of its LIFETIME OFFER. The LIFETIME offer given is only available during this launch period. I wish it could last longer so that you and many others that will be reading this review late can still benefit from the LIFETIME offer.

This is the reason why I picked the LIFETIME offer duration as a con and why I wish it could take longer:


I thought I was going at my best rate before I came across PerkZilla. But ever since I have started using the platform, my mail list, subscribers, visitors have all skyrocketed to about 200% of what they used to be. I’ve had the o opportunity to reach a wider audience and to attract more traffic than ever before.


PerkZilla platform goes for various prices depending on the level you want to settle for. The Professional level costs $497 annually. Growth costs $297. while Starter goes for $97. It’s your choice to select the plan that you deem it fit is best for you. Right now, You can get yours with a one-time payment of a LifeTime Account for either of the plan! Click here to check if it’s still available!

Although PerkZilla seems quite expensive, the price is still not much compared to alternative services. And for the fact that it offers, much more than those alternative services, the price is worth it. And you’re sure of the high return on your acquisition costs.

PerkZilla continues to work and grow your market audience, meeting the target, boosting your traffic, increase your mailing list, subscribers, even while you are away or asleep.

PerkZilla platform goes beyond increasing your traffic or mail list or subscribers, it offers a very effective Fraud protection. There are a couple of algorithms used to detect any harmful registrations and then prevent such a fraudulent act.

This platform also ensures that you connect to your autoresponder and then automatically add your leads to your preferred service so that you can export all campaign leads to CSV if you choose to do that.

Apart from preventing of fraud or exporting of campaign leads, PerkZilla allows you to delete any campaign so as to allow new ones to be set up, but that’s up to the limit of your subscription.

If you are wondering if there’s a limit to a number of subscribers leads you can collect, even with the price you are going to pay for the platform, I’ll like to tell you that the amount of the subscribers leads you can have is dependent on the plan you choose. However, if you subscribe to an unlimited plan, then you have unlimited limits at no additional cost.

perkzilla integration


You may also want to know the mailing list provides with which you can integrate. Currently, there are a couple of mailing list providers you can integrate with. They include Active Campaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, and mail chimp. They are all via direct API integration. You could also use a lot more by using the signup HTML form code.

In my opinion, I feel these mail list providers are good enough to integrate your blog post. However, if you feel the need for a different mailing list provider, you can make your request known to the platform.

PerkZilla also allows you to customize your giveaways and contests. The platform has a very good editing and campaign setups dashboard. This platform is very easy to use. You can edit everything from the sign-up forms and follows messages through every word that’s displayed on the website. PerkZilla will never force you to use its own template. It’s a very dynamic platform and is perfect for you.

I will like to tell you how lucky I have been to come across PerkZilla platform during the Early Adoption period. It’s as though I got a gold for the price of a copper. I got it cheap including the LIFETIME offer. So it’s better to act fast so that you can acquire the great benefits that come with EARLY ADOPTER sales at a little or no price compared to what the platform has to offer.




It is needless to say that I’m really impressed and satisfied with PERKZILLA platform. It’s really what I have always wanted. It has boosted my income as well as my presence on the web.

You should consider going for this platform. If, however, you are not satisfied with the platform (which I doubt), your payment will be refunded. You’ve got 30 days to try it out and see what PerkZilla has got to offer you and your business. Perhaps, you’ll also write your own review.

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