Ted McGrath’s Message To Millions 4.0 Review / Multi-Millions (Updated from 3.0!)

“Here’s My Shocking (And Unbiased) Review of Ted McGrath’s Message To Millions 4.0 Online Coaching Program…”

And most importantly, what you really need to know before you invest your hard-earned money in this high-ticket program.

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This personal review is written by Zion Hanson. Zion is a serial entrepreneur and Internet Marketing expert who earns well over 6-figures per year doing what he loves online!



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IMPORTANT: First of all, I’d like to just start out by saying that this personal review of Message 2 Millions 4.0 is created for: Coaches, Experts, Service-Based Business Owners, Consultants, Practitioners, Artists, Speakers, Freelancers, or anyone else who may be thinking about buying this program.


These are the types of people that this program is aimed at, and who will receive the greatest benefit from investing in it. If this is you, then reading this review to the very end will be well worth your time.


Now let’s jump right into the review 🙂

WHAT Exactly Is The Message 2 Millions 4.0 Program, And WHO is Ted McGrath Anyway?”

Let’s dig in and find out…

If you’re not familiar with WHAT Message To Millions actually is or WHO Ted McGrath is, then you should. Message To Millions is a very popular 7-week program that consists of live virtual trainings with Ted McGrath, a real expert in creating multiple streams of income for people who work with clients in all types of industries.

Inside Message To Millions you’ll also get 7 newly released online video modules (that were not available in versions 1.0 or 2.0, more on that shortly), workbooks, transcripts, helpful trainings, and much more.

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Ted McGrath is the creator and founder of Message To Millions. The #1 purpose of his program is to help people like yourself who are seeking to get more clients for their own business not only get MORE high paying (and loyal) clients, but to find DREAM clients who will find you.

These are clients who will not only seek you out for your services and “packages”, but also be willing to pay top-dollar for them as well.

Inside the complete program, you’ll also discover…

·        How to find your life story and message in order to connect and land your most ideal and targeted “Dream clients” with ease.

·        How to create lucrative packages or programs for your own business, as well as setting up your dream client marketing and enrollment system.

·        How to properly package, price and structure your own coaching programs or service offerings in order to maximize sales (and less effort).

·        How to kiss networking goodbye, and use Ted’s proven 6-step marketing formula for naturally attracting top-paying clients like clockwork with little effort.

And then there’s the $26,994 worth of new bonuses as well that include…

Bonus #1: 7 weeks of live training with Ted himself over the phone ($15,000 Value)

Bonus #2: Two free tickets to Ted’s Message To Millions Live Event in Los Angeles, CA ($3997 Value)

Bonus #3: Access To The Dream Traffic System (Create, Setup + Launch FB Ads, $5,000 Value)

Bonus #4: Access To The Marketing To Millions LIVE 12 Months online membership Training with Ted, One 75 Minute Call Every Month ($1,997 Value)

Bonus #5: Exclusive private access to the amazing Facebook Group ($1000 Value)


Take Advantage Of The Bonuses Valued $26,994 Now!


“So Is Message To Millions 4.0 REALLY Worth All The Hype And Praise That It Gets (And Worth Your Money?)”

Ok, so now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and what you probably want to know the most: Is Message To Millions 4.0 worth the investment, and will it benefit you?

I’ll be honest, when I first read earlier reviews about this program I was very skeptical…

I’d even read some other reviews that praised it as if it was the greatest investment they’d ever made in their business.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when people praise an online program or training that much, a red flag is usually pops up in my mind. Because, as you may know, many online reviews are simply created just to “trick” you into buying through one’s own affiliate link.

Well, long story short, I took a gamble and invested in earlier versions of Message To Millions and I must admit this…

I was WRONG.


All of my doubts, fears and more about this program were quickly squashed. This program was the real deal, and now that Message to Millions 4.0 is coming out with 7 NEW ADDITIONAL MODULES (with over 25 more hours of training, etc.)…I’m 100% confident that it’s going to be far superior to anything that Ted has ever released before.


If you think about it, getting MORE clients to pay you MORE money for what you have to offer them is everything to your business…


The real “secret sauce” to your success comes down to not only how you create and market your own services or packages, but how you create a story that sells them and makes them want to buy from you…through multiple income streams.

And then there’s the whole setup, marketing, and even advertising components as well. You have to get all of these components exactly right if you want to not only rise above your competition and stand out from the crowd but also draw clients TOO you to make the biggest profits.

And that’s exactly what Message To Millions 4.0 will do for you…

There’s a huge reason why coaches, consultants, speakers and other service-based businesses have flocked to this program, because IT SIMPLY WORKS.

This program is like getting a perfect blueprint for success. All you have to do is follow Ted and his trainings, then take action. That’s when the magic happens.

If you do that, then I can assure you that your investment in Message 2 Millions will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business and your own success. No question about it.

They took the actions forward and now they live the kind of lifestyle they always wanted. View the video below.


If you’d like to read more about Message To Millions and get access to this awesome live training, then be sure to click here right now!


Thank you again and I hope you found my message to millions review helpful!

Zion Hanson

Seriel Entrepreneur


P.S. One more thing…


Once you integrate everything that Ted will teach you in Message To Millions, you’ll have a super powerful (and profitable) system that will help you attract so many new clients that you’ll probably have to start a waiting list.

It’s really that powerful. It’ll open up the door to multiple income streams for your business as well. Check it out here.


P.SS. (April 2018) Congrats to those of you who accessed the training, and already having small success along the way! (yes I read your thank you note 🙂 )Fear not for those of you who didn’t manage to enter..

Ted decided to open a few slots of his immersion training for you guys! This is a direct access training with Ted himself!

where he will provide you with world-class sales and marketing systems to 10x your income, impact and go 10x faster.

Please note that he will refund you your application fee if Ted and his coaches decided that the program is not a fit for you..

Access Ted’s Immersion Training program now to 10x your income!


P.SSS. 16 Oct 2018 – Updated Note: Ted has decided to open up and launch m2m 4.0! (message to multi-millions program!)


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8 thoughts on “Ted McGrath’s Message To Millions 4.0 Review / Multi-Millions (Updated from 3.0!)”

  1. will message to millions be updated to 4.0 this year? Thanks for your review. I’m delighted to know its suitable for me.


    1. mm

      Yes Jamie! It will be named as Message to Multi-millions. Do opt in for the classes for free!

  2. John Cheng

    The main factor i joined M2m with Ted is because of his FB ads lessons. I want to learn from someone with my same background. No hype. All i received after i enrolled are thousands of client willing to work with my agency. Lucky me…

  3. Tommy Johnson

    Ted really knows what he’s selling. Look at his marketing skills. I believed in him after clicking into your page. Good one!

  4. I figured maybe after all the great things that happened to my life after joining Ted Mcgraths Message to Millions, I should leave a short message to thank you, Zion.

    I really appreciate the private fb group in this program. I get to interact with others like-minded people too! I guess, that’s what they said about success people sticking together!

    Grateful to join!

    1. mm

      Thanks Saffron! Good to know my review helped you out in life. Do take note of the latest mastermind program by Ted. It’s mainly focused to bring you to 7/8 figures. Click on the link to take you to the multi-millions program!

  5. Warren Hatchett

    Is the 4 days live event in Los-Angeles, CA still going on this year? Do i need to pay for the full sum? $3997

    1. mm

      Hi Warren,

      You will receive TWO tuition waivers to M2M 4 Days Live Event in Southern California!

      This program is fully revamped as a fully mastermind program with Ted spending more days and time in this. As such, the highly demanded program will be lifted to $8,500 to cater to the huge demands as well as Ted’s schedule.

      Do remember to opt in to the lessons and classes for free!

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