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Zero Up 2.0 Reviews 2019 Fully Updated By Fred Lam – Focus on What Matters!

“Here’s My Shocking (And Unbiased) Review of Fred Lam’s Zero Up 2.0 Shopify Dropshipping Software Program…”


And most importantly, what you really need to know before you invest your hard-earned money in this high-ticket program.

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product review websiteThis personal review is written by Zion Hanson. Zion is a serial entrepreneur and Internet Marketing expert who earns well over 6-figures per year doing what he loves online!



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  • *2018 JULY UPDATE* – I’m been getting many private messages and emails from you guys about Zero Up. This course is still available and has been doing very very well. Fred has been helping out in the course and many students have been providing many positive results. See you inside!


IMPORTANT: First of all, I’d like to just start out by saying that this personal review of Zero Up 2.0 Lab is created for Store Owners, Dropshippers, Online Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Experts, Business Owners, Consultants, Practitioners, Artists, Speakers, Freelancers, or anyone else who may be thinking of selling their businesses online, on social media, or in person.

These are the types of people that this program is aimed at, and who will receive the greatest benefit from investing in it. If this is you, then reading this review to the very end will be well worth your time.

Now let’s jump right into the review 🙂



WHAT Exactly Is Zero Up 2.0, And WHO is Fred Lam Anyway?”

Let’s dig in and find out…

If you’re not familiar with WHAT Zero Up actually is or WHO Fred Lam is, then you should. Zero Up 2.0 is a very popular eCommerce automation software that can automate 100% of the process of running a full-blown 6-7 figure online business store. It also includes Shopify training modules with Fred Lam, a real expert in eCommerce where he changed his own life from a dishwasher to a multi-million dollar CEO with sales figures up to $20,000,000.

Inside Zero Up 2.0 you’ll also get hands-on coaching, learning how to scale your business to 6 figure using his 5 steps formula, learn the art of getting customers from Facebook ads, Adwords by Google, and BING from Microsoft.


Download Fred’s 5 Simple Steps to $20 Million Dollar Business Ebook now!



Fred Lam is the creator and founder of Zero Up. Throughout the 12 years of working on his eCommerce business, he has discovered 3 Major flaws in eCommerce. After more than 12 months of production and testing, Fred finally released Zero Up to address these concerns. The #1 purpose of his program is to help people like yourself who are seeking to create an online business, bringing great services or products to your customers conveniently, without the hindrance of technology, or lacking knowledge in the eCommerce World. With this, Fred Lam is committed to making himself 100% available to his Zero Up students.


“These secrets shared in his program not only proven to create your Shopify store in less than 5 minutes, turn China into your own store, 100% Fulfilment Automation, where others paid $10,000 for, to increasing your sales up to 30% with a coupon creator, and simplifies your online money making process, but also having access to an 8-figure real business full step by step training academy,  accelerating your new online store into 7 figure in less than a year.”



Inside the complete program, you’ll also discover…

·        How to create a money-making e-commerce website with recommended products ready to profit. (Simply integrate your newly created Shopify with the software and you get to choose with 10 pre-designed themes with over 180 stores that fit your business in just a few clicks!)

·        Fully Integrated with AliExpress (Access to huge product database to sell from, with advanced search features to sort seller rating.., with a click of a button)

·      100%  Order Fulfillment Automation (Automatically place customer orders through AliExpress once orders are placed and provide tracking code for your customer to track conveniently. )

·       Huge Profit Boost with Email Autoresponder Integration ( 11 email autoresponders to choose from, enabling you to retarget your customers effectively based on their store purchase or abandoned carts.)

·        Profit Multiplier with Coupon Creator (Sell anything right on your Shopify thank you page with discount coupon code using video pop-up, taking advantage of their buying behaviour and maximize sales!)

·       1st E-commerce Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder (Having a Sales Funnel is the key to 7 figure in business! Develop your sales funnel and customized landing page with drag and drop features with Zero Up 2.0, increasing your sales up to 40%!)

And then there’s the invaluable worth of new bonuses as well that include…

· Access to Secret Software:  Expand product offers by diversifying to your audience with this software to fully automate the customizing of your products and fulfilment process in just a few clicks. (“8/10 Shopify stores closed because they failed to offer their own customized products and distinguish themselves from their competitors.” )

· 8-Figure Full Step-by-Step Training Academy: On top of all the automation tools within the program, Fred also offers a slot to you into his training academy where he breaks down his documented 12 years of eCommerce success. This is created for any individual who is new to this or advanced owners who want to scale their eCommerce store! This will be a “behind the curtains” training where Fred will share with the Zero Up 2.0 members on how they can too, copying and paste his success.

Take Advantage Of The Bonuses Valued $20,000,000 Now!


“So Is Zero Up 2.0 REALLY Worth All The Hype And Praise That It Gets (And Worth Your Money?)”

Ok, so now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and what you probably want to know the most: Is Fred Lam Zero Up 2.0 lab Shopify worth the investment, and will it benefit you?

I’ll be honest, when I first read earlier reviews about this program I was very sceptical…

I’d even read some other reviews that praised it as if it was the greatest investment they’d ever made in their business.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when people praise an online program or training that much, a red flag usually pops up in my mind. Because, as you may know, many online reviews are simply created just to “trick” you into buying through one’s own affiliate link.

Well, long story short, I did a HIGH-END survey and asked for testimonials… to my surprise, even my mastermind friends recommended him.

Check out the testimonials by them:

Dan Dasilva



I was WRONG.

All of my doubts, fears and more about this program were quickly washed out. This program is the real deal, and now that Zero Up 2.0 relaunched with NEW ADDITIONAL MODULES (8-figured training academy and customizable product automation software, etc..)…I’m 100% confident that it’s going to be far superior to anything that Fred has ever released before.

If you think about it, saving up time and hassle from managing your store and focusing your efforts on driving sales with the provided sales funnel and finding better products to offer to your customers is everything to your business…

The real “secret sauce” to your success comes down to not only how you create and have an online store to sell, but how you create a branding for your store that sells and generating traffic to your store that makes them want to buy from you…

And then there’s the whole thing in marketing, having a presence in social media and even advertising components as well to maximize cart sales. You have to get all of these components exactly right if you don’t want to extinct and vanish from the internet in 6 months time, and you not only need to rise above your competition and stand out from the crowd but also draw buyers TO you to make the biggest profits to compete.

And that’s exactly what Zero Up 2.0 will do for you…


There’s a huge reason why thousands of business owners and individuals interested in having an online business store flocked to this program, because IT SIMPLY WORKS.

This program is like getting a perfect blueprint for success. All you have to do is follow Fred and his trainings, then take action. That’s when the magic happens.

If you do that, then I can assure you that your investment in Zero Up software will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business and your own success. No question about it.

They took the actions forward and now they live the kind of lifestyle they always wanted.

If you’d like to read more about Zero Up 2.0 and get access to this awesome live training, then be sure to click here right now!

Thank you again and I hope you found my zero up 2.0 review helpful!


Zion Hanson

Seriel Entrepreneur

P.S. One more thing…

Once you integrate everything that Fred will teach you in Zero Up lab, you’ll have a super powerful (and profitable) system that will help you generate sales like crazy and scale to 7 figure within months. It’s really that powerful. It’ll open up the door to multiple income streams for your business as well. Check it out here.


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5 Practical Steps To a Profitable Online Business with Automated Software Webinar 1 (11th – 12th Oct):

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Closing Day with Q/A with Fred Lam (23rd Oct):


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  1. Tommy (You should know who I am)

    Great Zero Up 2.0 Review!! Clear, Clean, Informative! Will Fred personally coach in his training academy? Either way, i agreed with you that it’s really worth the money. Can’t wait for the cart link to be up, before i purchase. Thanks for the review once again! Know you’re a busy man! Nice blog anyway! Impressed with your SEO agency too

    1. mm

      Yes he will, Tommy! Thanks for the praise. And yes I know who you are 😉 Be sure to up your income once you’re in. Remember to share your success with me man, can’t wait to see you dominating Shopify.


  2. Hey Zion, Why is the link broken? Nice review btw… I’m really interested and ready to build my store using zero up. Thanks..

    1. mm

      Hey David, Thanks for your comment. The link should be up for purchase on 20th Oct onwards. In the meantime, do check out other opts in, free courses and ebook available too! I wish you success in building your store and future sales! All the best to you!

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